Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday morning we slept as long as we liked....I think we left the motel around 9 AM. Before we sat down to eat breakfast, Dan went out to the van and realized the battery was dead. We have a small cooler that you can plug into the cigarette lighter to keep stuff cold or hot. We forgot to unplug it the night before and it drained our battery! :P So AAA to the rescue!!
By the time we were done eating breakfast the AAA guy had come and charged the battery and we were ready to get on the road!! Thank goodness for AAA!!

The skies were cloudy and we drove through rain showers off and on the whole morning....

Once we got into TN, the clouds were getting darker and heavier!

We hit some real nasty heavy rain showers. Once we were driving under a bridge and we hit a HUGE puddle of water. It slowed us down so quickly and the force from hitting it made our air bag light come on!! :O
Later we hit another one, but this time we saw the car in front of us hit it first. But driving at 65 MPH, there still wasn't much time to slow down!! It rained and rained and poured and poured. The worst was through Nashville, TN. (We didn't know at that time how hard they were going to get hit!!) I called my sister Chris to ask her what the radar map was looking like. It was getting to the point were it was hard on Dan's eyes to be driving through such heavy rain. She said that it looked like in an hour or so we'd be out of the worst of it, but that there were tornado warnings for that area, too!! :P AGAIN!! Enough already! Soon after that we caught up to a storm chaser vehicle that had his lights on!! :O We considered stopping and spending the day in Nashville, just to keep from having to drive in such bad weather. But we kept plugging along and we are SO, SO glad we did!! At one rest area we stopped at, we heard talk of an interstate being shut down. Later we realized it was because of all the rain and flooding. If we had stayed in Nashville, who knows if we could have got out the next day!??

At the Welcome Center for Alabama....we were pretty much out of the rain by this point!

Danny resting while Tamara slept....he was covered with pillows. I guess to stay warm?? :)

We got home around 10:30 PM and were so glad to be there!! What a fun trip we had!! I hope you enjoyed "traveling" along with us! I could have blogged more, but I'll save that for my scrapbook!! :)

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