Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 8~ Friday, April 23

I am FINALLY getting back to blogging about our trip. I shouldn't have waited so long, because I'm sure by now I forgot some important details! :P

Friday morning we woke up to hail all over the ground. Since we were sleeping in the basement, we didn't hear much, although I did wake up once and saw it lightning! But Conrad's said it was storming pretty bad and the hail was smacking the windows.

We had planned to go to Colorado Springs that day to take in Focus on the Family and Garden of the gods. By the time we left, the sun was shining, and it looked like a pleasant day. But as we got closer to Co Springs, it started SNOWING!!! :O It looked so pretty! The farther we went, the heavier the snow got. Till we got to Focus on the Family the roads were getting quite slick!

Danny took the opportunity to throw some snowballs.....

Danny & Cody.....buds, even though Danny gave Cody a black eye on the trampoline the first day we were there!! :)

Tamara, Cerina, Danny and Cody with Whit....

Danny at the B-17 Bomber from the Last Chance Detectives.

Silly characters from Odyssey.

All of us....
The kids dancing on stage! There was a TV that they could see themselves on! :)

Entering the wardrobe in Narnia (not sure why they look so scared) ;)

We were in there maybe an hour at the most, when they announced over the PA system that they were going to be closing early since the snow was getting so bad! We were a little bummed! They gave us a CD pack and a book as a consolation gift.

More snowball throwing! :)

Isn't it crazy? We didn't even have jackets on! It wasn't that cold when we left Conrad's! (I think we did have some in the van, though)

~Focus on the Family~

Conrad's took us to the Airplane Restaurant for you can see, it wasn't snowing here and we weren't that far away from Colorado Springs!! Crazy weather!! :)

The kids got to play in the cockpit while we waited for our food!

There were two parts to the restaurant. You could eat in the main restaurant, which I have pictured a few photo's down, or you could eat in the real airplane, (See first picture) which is what we did!

Danny, Cody, Tamara and Cerina~ They got pictures to color, and then the waitress added them to the walls on the stairs leading to/from the main part of the restaurant! :)

Dan & I, Conrad & Chris and Chakira~

Inside the main part of the restaurant! Very unique!!

We drove through Garden of the gods. It was too cold and windy to stay outside long, but just enough for a picture!! :)

The kissing camels....

Beautiful scenery!!

Brother's from different mother's! :)

After we got back and had a yummy supper (As usual at the Riehl's) we spent the evening playing Rook and Canasta...just like the good old days!! :)

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