Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 10- Sunday, April 25

Sunday we went to Skyline Mennonite Church with Conrad's. They asked Dan to preach at the morning service. I enjoyed the worship time with the ladies in Sunday School and all during the service. It was neat, all the faces I recognized. Some from getting the New Horizons newsletter and some old acquaintances! :)

Chris left from church to get lunch ready, while Conrad took us to Skyline Drive...
Parked at the top....

A view down the side....

Walking to the highest point...

On top of the world!! :)

Conrad and his son Cody~

Danny loved the view! And mom made sure he didn't slip or get too close to the edge!! :)

~ Tamara ~

Skyline Drive!! You can see the van parked down the road in the parking area.

A saguaro cactus on the drive home from church...

They had some more friends stop in for awhile in the afternoon.


The Riehl's house

Homemade ice cream in the making!! :)

More fun on the trampoline!

Dan & Chakira became good friends till the weekend was over.

Steaks on the grill....that's what friends are for!! :) Haha! Conrad is a pro!

It was sad to think that we would be leaving the next morning. It was so good to reconnect and spend time together again. And now that our kids are older, they enjoyed each other so much!!

On to MO tomorrow!! :)

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