Monday, June 7, 2010

April 27-30

So Tuesday we just kind of bummed around visiting and having a good time. :) Mom & Dad got packed up after lunch and got ready to leave around 4 PM.

My parents (who I miss very much!!)

Daddy and his girl...

And they are off! They got home safely the next day.

Wednesday, Lynn had some work to get done, so while he was gone Dan took the kids on a walk down their road.

Lynn's house...they are working at putting new siding on it! :)

Lynn's trophy bear~

Playing Uno Attack....

After lunch on Wed., Lynn's took us to Iowa to do a little shopping! They live just a few miles from the MO/IO border. We enjoyed shopping the local Mennonite-owned grocery/bulk food/clothing/toy store. We also stopped in at the gun shop and visited with the owner, Ray Bange. On the way home, we drove by the pig farm where Javin works. He was out mowing grass.

This was our "home" for the week. :)

A shed full of round bales = a fun place to play!

It was a beautiful, sunny and breezy day! Renita was so kind and did my wash for me!!
It was also a perfect day for outside work!
Caught Renita mowing...

...and Lynn washing his truck! :)

Vonnie :)

Wed. night we went with Lynn's to their mid-week church service. It was nice to be able to put faces to names! :)

Thursday we did some more sight seeing and they took us to a local lake. It was a very windy day and the lake was covered in white caps!

The sheriff was there fishing :)

About to blow away!?? :)

Lynn, Lisa and Renita

After the lake, we went out to eat at Pizza Hut!

That evening we were invited to Jim & Dorcas Swartzentruber's for supper. They were our next door neighbors here, before they moved to MO 2 summers ago. It is interesting that they moved the same weekend that Lynn's did and they only live a half hour apart! :)

Katrina, Tamara, and Faith

Danny & Caleb
Friday morning the whole family was up early to see us off! How special!! :)
We had a great relaxing time visiting them! Thanks to Lisa for all the YUMMY meals she made! I felt so spoiled!! :)

The kids wanted one last picture with Lynn's bear. :)

Goodbye Arbela!! ;)

We drove to St. Louis and toured the arch and then spent the night there. Pictures to come! We are almost home!!

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