Friday, October 31, 2008

The kids and I learned to crochet this week. :) Two ladies from our community came to teach anyone interested in our homeschool group. We had a bunch of people. Even the boys were willing to try! Danny got the hang of it pretty quickly and has spent awhile every day since then making lots of chain stitches and then turning them into bracelets or necklaces for his Mom and sister! ;)
Miss Beulah showing the kids how to get started.

We've been having some beautiful fall days and that draws the kids outdoors. They have so much fun "pretending". Caught them for a few pics one day as they were dressed up in the hats :)

Trying out a new photo editing program....

This morning Dan went to a new employee training!!! :) Yup, he getting re-hired! There is no guarantee that it will last, but we'll take what we get. They warned him that the position could be shut down again in a couple months, but God knows and will see us through! Keep praying for Dan as he goes into the prison everyday and teaches, mentors and helps these guys with heart issues! He truly loves his work and is excited about things that are happening in the guys hearts!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Last 4 days

We have had a busy but fun week! In the last 4 days we have spent more time away from, than at home!
Wednesday the kids & I got up early (somewhere around 3:45 am) and headed up to Pelham, GA. It was dark most of the way there, so we got to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL sunrise! Thank God for safe travels! I had a little scare when we got near Dwayne's. We were driving along, it was still a little dark and all of a sudden, thwack....we got hit by something that made it really hard to see out my windshield. It scared me so bad that I couldn't find my wipers and instead hit the high beams! LOL! It was an irrigator spraying water across the road! :) Talk about alot of water! HeeHee!!
We got to Dwayne and Chris' house and then rode with them to the Ag Expo in Moultrie. We had a good day with our "family"! :)

A highlight for the kids was face painting!

Danny got his face painted, too but I didn't get a good picture of it. The lady did a pretty pathetic job anyway. He wanted a tiger face and it looked more like she just made lines all over his face!
We had a really good day....long and lots of sun, but what is better than spending time with family?? :)

Thursday evening we had the privilege of attending a Casting Crowns concert! Thanks to some special friends!! :)
We were blessed!!
This morning I took a bunch of our "stuff" to Emily Gillis' yard sale and stayed there for an hour or so, then Chris and her children came! :) Yes, we got to spend two days together this week.
Today was the 22nd Annual Goat Day, so that's were we all went. All the kids games, etc. were free. Danny & Carmen tried out this game. You were strapped in with like a bungy cord hooked to your back and you had to run and try to see how far you could go and stick on the little sticky blocks. It was hilarious, but it kind of jerked them back hard.
I would have taken more pictures, but I had forgot my camera battery was low and, well, you know! :) I could have got pictures of the coin dig, visiting the Pioneer Settlement, outhouses that had plenty of newsprint handy :), a stern school marm, friends, hay rides, our yummy lunches (I had a Greek Salad), and the greased pig chase. Danny caught one again, but wasn't one of the first 3 so he didn't win anything. We were excited for Cody though!! He got 3rd place in the youngest age group!! He won a trophy and $5. I'm sure that was worth coming to FL for!! :)
After we got tired of being there, we came back to the house and visited for a few more hours before they had to head home. I sure enjoyed the last few days. :) :) :) :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Losing it....

....but it's all good!! :)

Before: (12-07)
Before: (12-07)

After: (10-08)

Just thought I'd update on my weight loss journey. I have currently lost 30 pounds and am aiming for 35 by next Thursday. :) It was a realistic goal, but I have cheated too much over the weekend, so now I am behind, but I am determined to keep at it. I don't know if you can see the difference, but I sure feel it. :)

New Christian

Last week our church had a week of revival meetings. Todd Neushwander from IN was the evangelist. He works in the office of Gospel Echoes. His family was not able to come along this time.
He had many challenging sermons. I had decided not to go on Thursday night, because you know how BUSY church every night makes you!! :) Well, he had a children's story every night and Thursday night they were going to find out the conclusion of the story, and I just couldnt' make them miss it (plus, I really was feeling guilty for staying home with no good reason) so we went. I think out of all the nights, I needed that sermon the most! :) Isn't that how God works?
Friday night he spoke about the rapture of the Church and he talked a little to the children, too, so they understood not to be scared, but also encouraging them that they need to respond to God's call when they feel it.
When he gave the invitation, Daniel responded! :) We were so happy for him. Dan got to pray with him and help him ask Jesus into his heart. Danny really enjoys reading his Bible and asking questions about what he reads, so I wasn't really suprised. What was even more special is that 2 nights before, his friend Luke, unknown to Daniel, had also accepted Jesus. It was neat to watch their interaction after church when Luke excitedly told him that he is looking forward to the fact that they can be baptized together!! :)
Pray for us as we enter a new phase of our children's lives....that we can be a godly example in word and in actions!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New for Me

I am going to try starting a Blog site for our family/ministry. This will be a site to keep our family, friends and supporters up to date on our lives and happenings at Gulf CI here in Wewahitchka where Dan is in charge of the Faith-based dorm.
Bear with me as I get used to this type of site.
You can view my Xanga at till I get my ducks in a row here!! :)