Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 11- April 26

So Monday morning we woke up early and said goodbye to our "Riehl" friends!! It was kind of sad! Who knows when we'll see them again!?? But, we did have a good time and are so thankful for their friendship and all the good memories that were one does coffee and cards like good friends!! :)

It was snowing when we left!! See the evidence? :O
We stopped in Pueblo to fuel up and grab some stuff for the was a long day of traveling ahead of us. Longer than we knew when we started out! Mapquest told us 14 hours to my brother in MO, but it took more like 16!! :P I just keep thanking God for all the many miles of safety we were blessed with!!

We were ready to see this sign, but knew it meant miles and miles of flat endless roads!! :)

Like this..... :)

Saw a few more wind farms....

And a field full of windmills pieces waiting to be set up! They are HUGE!!

This train was long, but you could see the whole trees hiding it!! :) So different from what we are used to!


My traveling companion....I couldn't ask for better!! :) XOXOXO

Aaahhh!! Missouri at last!! :)

We arrived at my brother's house in Arbela, MO around 11 PM. It was so good to see some of my family again!! My parents were there too for the weekend and were only leaving the next afternoon (Tuesday), so we got to spend some time with them, too! :) We got another week of trip left!! :)

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