Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 9 -April 24

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed over the river and through the Jack's place we go.... :)
Or more like across the plains then over the *steep* mountains! :P This picture does not do the "steep-ness" justice! It was slightly freaky!

But, despite being freaky, we still had to get out and take pictures!! :)

The Riehls~

After we crossed to the other side of the mountain, there was snow on the ground!

Destination: General Store!!! The place we heard so much about....and were about to experience!

Jack, the owner had so much to tell us! He is full of stories and history!! The kids loved him!!
When we got our food, he prayed a blessing on it for us! How often does the owner of a restaurant come out and pray for your meal!?? :)

Some good eating! That was a fun experience!

Proof that we were there!! :)

Love those beautiful mountains covered with snow! (Notice how the sky changed! It was pretty and blue when we left, now it looks cold and gray!)

Driving along the Arkansas River (I think!).....
See the kayaks? It was a little cold for that, but I guess not if you are an avid kayaker!

I got my wish!!! I hoped so bad we'd see Long horn sheep and we did, but barely. They blend in so well to the surroundings!!

Boys throwing rocks in the river....

On to Royal Gorge.....another fun part of our day!

Taking the incline railway to the bottom of the gorge.

The view of the bridge from the bottom of the gorge. It looks so tiny!

Bottom of the gorge...

All the states had a plaque on the bridge. We had to have a picture by Florida! :) :P

The Tram....we would ride that later.

Just to show you how wide the bridge is. It really felt freaky when cars drove over it while you were out there in the middle! But all those cables....well, it made you feel somewhat safe. As long as the boards didn't come lose under you! ;)

Trying out the BIG chair!

The graveyard in the "Ghost town" had some hilarious tombstone epitaphs! I could have taken lots of pictures!! :)

Trying to settle a dispute....

didn't turn out so well for the 2 men! :)

~Petting Zoo~

Long horn Sheep inside the fence....

But this deer was wild....

Here comes our ride...

Views from the tram as we crossed the gorge....

The kids enjoyed the ride...

Looking back across where we came from!

Carousel rides...

Chris got brave enough to walk to the edge of the bridge. She stayed back in the parking area with Chakira, since she does not do well with heights! :)

We took a little train ride out by the parking lot before we left. They had all kinds of funny stuff along the way. Most of the "scenes" were named after towns in CO, but then had a double meaning! Like Petticoat Junction was a water tower with women's petticoats all over it.... Boulder was a huge rock and on top of it was a small stone named Little Rock. Iron Springs was an old spring from a mattress with a teddy bear tucked in it. And Paradise was a big pair of dice, etc.

That evening they invited their friends from church, Myron & Mary Ellen King over for supper. They brought yummy homemade pizza along. We taught them how to play Canasta and had a wonderful time!! :)

One more day at the Riehls, then we head on to MO! Stay tuned!! :)

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