Monday, June 7, 2010

The Road Home....

On the way to Saint Louis, we stopped to wash our dirty van! Driving on the slushy roads in Co and then the dirt roads in MO made it look awful!!

Crossing the Mississippi River again!

The St. Louis Arch

Dan and the kids standing at the bottom...

This was a replica of the tiny cars that held 5 people and took you up inside the arch! I was thankful for the air blowing in there, or I think I might have gotten sick! I wished you could see out as you were going up, but there was no window!! :P

Waiting in line to get on the South Tram...

Finally at the top....what a view! :)

Looking out the tiny windows!!

The kids and I in the top of the arch!

Going down the stairs to wait in line for the car ride down!

Back on solid ground!! :) We were waiting to watch the Lewis and Clark film.

After we were all done in the museum, we took a walk on the grounds around the arch. It was kind of rainy, but we were glad we took the time to explore anyway!

Someday I'd love a ride in a carriage like this!! :)

A barge

Standing on the banks of the Mississippi River. The water was VERY high!! There was a parking area, that was completely flooded, behind where they are standing!!

Stayed in St. Louis that night. We ate supper at the TGI Friday's that was connected to our motel. Yummy food!!
After supper, Dan and the kids went swimming!

They were having fun playing monkey in the middle with a beach ball! :)

Racing for the ball!!

I went back to our room to catch up on emails, etc. and turned on the Weather Channel. There were tornado watches out and I like to know what's going on. Soon they were saying there were sightings of touchdowns, so once the sightings were getting closer, I went down and told Dan and they soon got out of the pool. It got really stormy! The lightning was beautiful to watch from our 3rd floor window. We were thankful for another night of safety!!

Saturday drive home next......

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