Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday morning we got up a little earlier since we had a full day of driving planned.
We filled up the gas tank just down the road from the motel and then stopped across the road at another little look out spot. Down below was a huge casino. I was amazed how many casino's we saw on the trip.

Some pretty flowers...

Ready to cross the bridge over the Mississippi River....

Then we entered Louisiana...

I only took one picture the whole way through LA. The scenery wasn't that much different yet. I'm not even sure which town this was in!??

We got to Texas and drove through the first rain shower on the trip. Thankfully it didn't last long!

Interesting sign...

The kids spent some time that day watching movies. I think we drove around 9 hours!

We saw so many of these orange flowers the whole way through Texas. I think they are Indian Paintbrushes.

Texas rest area

I loved the way Texas had their bridge underpasses painted. Instead of drab gray concrete they had stars and other designs painted on them!


Now the scenery is starting to change a little! This was in Oklahoma. They had no welcome sign that we saw.
We drove the whole way to Oklahoma City that night and planned to spend the next whole day there, so we reserved that motel room for 2 nights. This was our first NICE motel! :)

Another long day and the children were wore out! It was so funny, they were watching TV and we had turned it off. They both thought they weren't going to be able to sleep. I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed and when I came out they were both fast asleep! I was only gone 5 minutes ...or less! :)

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