Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, April 19

Beware.....LONG post, LONG day!! :)

Today we stayed in Oklahoma City all day. First we visited the Science Museum of Oklahoma which was only a few miles from our motel.

Playing with the big bubble maker.

Tamara painted her face, so on the rest of the pictures that day she has a pink nose! :)

Dan figuring out a brain buster! And of course he got it!! :)

We each got to try out the cool Segway's!! I want one!! :) They are so awesome. Makes me wonder what part they will play in our future, if any!??

This tree used sound waves to light up, so you clap your hands or shout and the lights come on. The louder you are, the more lights that come on! :)

We sat in with a school group, a LOUD school group if I may, and watched a "Science Live" show.

There were lots of explosions and FIRE!! :)

A 3 story sliding board! It was a spiral the whole way...what a way to get dizzy!! :)

Tamara was discussing a crime that just happened with these two guys in the soda shoppe. They didn't have all the details yet, but we had to leave....

A miniature train display.

The kids both had the chance to ride the Flight Simulator. They really enjoyed that!

This is a bike I need. Tamara could ride on the front and Danny on the back and we would still have room for groceries. Would save on gas, right? :)
I loved the bike showroom! So many old bikes, strange bikes and some that brought back memories!
One quote on the wall that I thought was pretty neat, "Get a bicycle. You certainly will not regret it, if you live." ~Mark Twain

In the air and space display.

I have LOTS more pictures from this museum, but I will stop lest I bore you!

Next we visited the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum just a couple miles away.

They had a room full of awesome guitars, but we couldn't take any pictures in there. :( In the back section there was a place where they had three guitars that kids could take down and "play".

This kid even had to take a turn! :)

Back farther in the museum was a really neat Old Town called Prosperity Junction!

Danny thought about applying for the job.... :) but we thought he should continue the trip with us!! ;)

Checking out the saloon! :O I didn't touch a drop!

Uh-OH, someone got locked up...but we were able to help him escape and were able to continue the journey together!! :)

An old bank...

The gardens outside the museum were beautiful!!

Loved the water falls!!

Next door they had a small children's museum. It was so neat. When you walked through this room, you heard the cow moo!

In this "room" you could hear the fire sizzling and children playing.

Dan got so frustrated with this cowboy, no matter how much he talked to him, he just gave im the silent treatment! ;)

A dress-up closet....
(most of the stuff was for younger kids)

Back outside again....

Thankful for this time away with my man! :)

...and our kids! The whole trip really went better than I thought it might and I thank God for that! We all were determined to work together and it happened...most of the time! :)

"Wild Bill"
One of the prettiest flowers ever!! I love Irises!!

The statue out front of the museum...

The outside walls~

Leaving.....I highly recommend this museum! It was much bigger and had more variety than I thought it would!

We saw so many "On the Border" restaurants in the last few states, so we decided to try one for supper that night. We weren't disappointed! :)

We got back to the motel and went swimming!! :)

That night, before we got in the pool, we noticed Danny had a rash all over his chest and the top of his legs. Benadryl to the rescue. The next night he had it again, but then after that it didn't show up, so who knows what it was from!?? The beginning of the trip, the children and I were all trying to get over the colds we had started with while still at home. A couple nights Danny woke us up with his incessant coughing. And one night I had that tickle too that you just couldn't hold the coughs back. We were all glad to get over it!!

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