Sunday, May 9, 2010

~My Week~

It's always hard to get back into the routine of life when you get back from vacation! And we came back to a B.U.S.Y. week!

Monday night was our Young Ladies Encouragement Night at Heidi's house. I always look forward to that even though it falls on the Monday night Dan works late. I take the kids along and they hang out in the Weaver's school/play room. This time they actually had friends to play with! :)

Tuesday we had a morning of rain. In about 4 hours time we got more than 7 inches of rain!
I never saw our neighborhood get flooded so bad!
Our neighbors, Jonas and Emma's drive was under water most of the day!

The white house behind the brick one belongs to our elderly neighbors, the Alford's and they had water in their house. The wife has been paralyzed since soon after they were wed, and she is in a hospital bed, so they ended up taking her to the hospital to be cared for. They are in the process of replacing sheet rock and flooring now. Their son lives in the brick house and their daughter in a house in front of theirs (not in the picture)

69A was closed for part of the day since this bridge was under water!

And this is the part of that same creek that flows under 69. We live between 69 and 69A.

Tuesday evening we had our annual RHE Homeschool Open House. We set up tables with the curriculum we have used in the past and were there for people to ask questions about it.

We also had a table of supplies for sale. I was tickled to get the Teacher's manual for MFW for next year for only $10 instead of new for $95!! :)

Patty Melvin was our guest speaker and she talked about requirements for graduating a child from home school. That seems so far in the future, but I know it'll be here before I know it! :O

Friday our home school group had our first Park Day for the summer at Camel Lake!! :) It was a lovely day!
Sy-Sy fishing! :)

Danny was having fun pushing Anna in his little boat! :)

The day was slightly hampered by a fishing accident. Jed got a hook in his arm! Poor guy! But he was so brave and worked at getting it out himself. They ended up having to take him home because it wasn't coming out! :P He did better with the situation than I would have! I
m thankful for other Mom's who were there and have tougher stomach's than I do!!

The boys had a blast on this old air mattress!! :)

From the lake we went to Art class at church with Carol Yoder. This was their final class. We missed half of it during our trip, which was kind of a bummer, but the kids enjoyed what they did!

Saturday, Dan's boss took him and Danny deep sea fishing! Tamara and I went along to Panama City to drop them off then we spent the day shopping till it was time to pick them up again.

Danny caught a nice size Red Snapper, but had to throw it back since they are not in season! They thought it was about 6 lbs.

Chaplain Ring (the boss man) :) with his flounder.

The guys enjoyed chatting with the captain who they learned was a Christian. He let Danny steer the boat for a little while! :) OH Joy, for that Boy!! :)

Back on the dock...waiting to get their fish!

This is the "Treasure Ship" next to the Marina. They had a fire about a week or two ago. Sad to see such a cool landmark ruined. At this point they don't have plans to rebuild it!

Trip pics next....stay tuned!! :)

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