Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 1 ~ April 16

Dan came home from work on Friday around 4 PM. I had most of our stuff packed and ready for him to load in the van. We were on the road shortly after 5.

Dan programming the GPS for Hattiesburg, MS....our stop for the night. We had about 5 hours to drive.

Crossing a bridge in Pensacola~

Entering the state of AL!! :)

In Mobile, we went through a tunnel under water....very interesting!!

Entering Mississippi, our place of destination!

We stayed in a Super 8 motel and the room smelled really strong of smoke even though it was a "smoke free" room!! And this was our lovely bathroom sink!! :P

The beds were comfy and that is a big plus!! Good night! Looking forward to a day exploring Mississippi tomorrow!! :)

So ends Day 1~ :)

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