Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, April 20~

So Tuesday morning we left Oklahoma City and traveled on the old "Mother Road", Route 66.

Route 66 was definitely not the fastest way, but it was neat seeing the countryside. We did get on interstate a few times when it seemed like there wasn't as much to see.

A pretty bird we saw....

While on interstate, we saw this wind farm and decided to drive back to it. :) Well, it appeared much closer than it really was!! We kept cresting a hill, thinking they'd be right there, but no, another long stretch of road ahead! :)

They are HUGE and awesome!!

Just as a point of reference.....see Dan standing at the bottom of this one!?? :)

...and Danny :)

They look so majestic!!

We stopped by Lucille's Roadhouse, just to see it. We didn't take the time to go inside.

Another wind farm along interstate....

Elk City was one of the stops we had planned for the day.

We got there right at lunch time, so we decided to find some place to eat before we did sight seeing. Found this little Cafe' in town. They only opened at 11 and it was about quarter till, so we browsed some local shops till they opened.

You ordered your food at the first window, then they called your name when it was ready and you picked it up in the second window. The place filled up pretty quickly. I watched to see what others did when they were done eating. One couple let their plates and all on the table, but other people cleaned up their table and took all their dirty dishes back to the kitchen! :) So that's what we did.
They also told us if we need drink refills, to feel free to come back to their soda fountain in the kitchen and fill them up! :)

Good food, friendly service....I would go back!!

Next we visited the Route 66 museum. I took too many pictures here! :) I won't share near all of them....

They had a ROOM FULL of old toys...a lot of them were Popeye toys. Very nostalgic!

The one building had scenes from different era's.....

Thought this was so cute!! :)

There was an old village to tour as well.

The old house had lots of old stuff throughout.....Dan got a kick out of this! Looks like she is hooked up to be electrocuted!! :P What extremes they had to go to for a Perm!! :)

Next door was a Farm & Ranch museum...

These sculptures were made completely out of horse shoes!

Tamara in an old phone booth...

Admiring some old go-carts!

They had different tools the kids could use...here they were drilling holes in a board. It was neat to see all the different signatures and were people were from, as there was a pen there to mark the hole you made!

As we got back into Texas again, the landscape REALLY changed!! This is more what I imagined TX to look like!

A huge rest stop....the sign above the bathroom doors also indicated this was a tornado shelter!
You can't tell from this picture, but it was kind of built into a hill.

Checking out the "cattle on a thousand hills". I don't know how many times that song went through my head on this trip!! :)

We stopped in Groom, TX to visit the big cross.

If you look closely, you can see all the sculptures around the bottom of the cross depicting the life of Christ...or the journey to the cross!

A memorial dedicated to the sanctity of life....

Close-up of Jesus holding the unborn baby in His hand. How sad yet precious to think of Jesus holding all the aborted babies...heaven is going to be full of them!

Dan and the kids sitting with Jesus and the disciples at the Last Supper. Tamara was beside Judas and saw his little bag of money in his lap!
This sculpture is not done yet, as you can tell! They need to add more men!

The tomb...

We drove to our motel in Amarillo and got everything unpacked, then went to eat supper. We kept seeing signs for a Braums restaurant and ice cream shop, so we found one and they had excellent burgers and fries!
After supper, we looked up the Cadillac Ranch....

Cadillac Ranch

I-40, Amarillo, TX
In a cow pasture along eastbound I-40 between exits 60 and 62. Exit onto the frontage road, then enter the pasture through an unlocked gate. Visitors are encouraged.
Daylight hours.
It had just started raining when we got there, so just Dan and Danny were going to run back the field to see the cars, but then Tamara and I decided this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity....who cares if we get wet!?? :)

There was a group of girls that wanted us to take their picture, so they took ours in return! :)

Turns out we got out of there before it started raining too hard!

The sky was looking gray and stormy till we left....

Got back to the motel and went swimming for a little while. They had no towels, so I went out to the front desk and told the clerk. He went to get us some, but seemed a little nervous and distracted! When he brought the towels to me, he told me that there was a tornado on the ground not far from us! It was also right near his families home and he was not able to get a hold of them on their cell phones, which worried him, because he said they normally sit out and watch storms come and email pics to him via his phone!
Anyway, he said that he might have to ask us to get out of the pool if the tornado keeps coming closer. Well, we decided to go ahead and get out so that is one less thing he has to keep track of. We went back to the room and watched the Weather Channel till the storms were passed, then we went back to swimming! :)

After swimming we drove back out to Braum's, to have some ice cream. :)


She enjoyed her cone!! :) Messy Matilda!! :)

So ended Day #5! Tomorrow we are off to Colorado!!! :)

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Wow! Neat trip! Looks like you had gobs of fun. Thanks for sharing and your blog is really pretty. Looking forward to seeing more pics.