Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 7- Thursday, April 22

The kids were up early at the thought of "new" friends to play much to do!! :)

Chakira, mi amorcito!! What a doll! I would have liked to sneak her home with me! :)

So precious...just wanna hug her!! :) :)

It took her a little to warm up to Dan, but before we left she was giving him kisses!! :)

How would you like a view like that to hang wash up to!?? :)

~Tamara and Cerina~

Conrad's business

A cute outhouse/shed he built!

Dan and Conrad were getting ready to take this shed, the one they finished the night before, a couple hours south to deliver it.

Danny was thrilled to help tighten the straps!! :)

The next couple pictures Dan took while they were enroute to deliver the shed, so I don't have much commentary on them!

Sagebrush as far as you can see!

The place where they delivered the shed to...

The oldest town in Colorado....San Luis.

Huerfano Butte

That evening we all went to Lynford and Alta Weaver's for supper. We went to church with them when we lived in PA and were members at Womelsdorf. It was good to reconnect.....over a yummy supper and a fun game! :)

The children had fun playing with the ponies.

A view out their back door. Wish I had got a pic out the front before dark....they have an awesome view all around!

We played a new game, Trump. It was fun, but took some thinking (which is getting hard for me to do in my old age! :) Haha)!

After dark, the boys played Nintendo games.

Alta with her littlest boy, Tyvon, and Chakira.

It was so good to be able to spend time with Lynford's again and see where they live. Their boys have gotten so big. But I guess that's what happens when you don't see folks for awhile! :)

So concludes another day!! :)


elaine said...

I am enjoying"traveling"with you all! I love the west,can't wait to go again.We're talking about doing a southwest trip for our 30th anniversary.(that'll be in 2 years)
Looking forward to more pictures!

Murf said...

I love seeing your pictures, but they make me cry from homesickness! Oh, how I miss Colorado!

I am so glad you got to go to Focus on the Family! That is a highlight for children. For ours anyway! :)