Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 2~ Saturday, April 17

Saturday morning we got up when we jolly well pleased! No rush!! :)

One thing we forgot to pack....the atlas! While GPS is very helpful, it is not fool-proof! So we searched all over and finally found a Target with an atlas! Dan bought a big one for him, a smaller ring bound one for me and a Kid's atlas that they absolutely loved!
While we were waiting outside for Dan, I noticed a bird nest in the A of Target! :)

Our first stop of the day was in Hattiesburg at the African American Military History museum.

We were the only people there and got to take our time looking around. It was interesting to read and hear about the hard times the African Americans had getting in to the military! So much racism, it was pathetic!

Watching a short film...

The children had a big screen in front of them with questions. They had to turn the wheel left for no, right for yes and see how many they could get right. :)

From there, we drove to Jackson, MS and visited the MS Museum of Natural Science. Very fun place to stop!!

They had a wide range of activities....hands on, aquariums, exhibits and nature trails.

This was a real, live double headed snake! :P

We enjoyed exploring some of the nature trails.

It was a beautiful day!!

Outside the museum and across the road was a huge playground. We let the children spend some time there yet before we left.

Our motel for the night was in Vicksburg. It was right along the Mississippi River.
Once again, we had a room that was supposedly smoke-free, but wreaked of smoke! We came to the conclusion that motels rooms with doors to the outside are just destined to smell smoky!?? :P

This was the view from our motel balcony! :)

Just up the street was a place you could drive through or get out and enjoy the view. We spent a little time there before going for supper.

My favorite people!! :)

Saw a little tugboat pushing some big barges!

I think I can, I think I can.... :)

We had 2 $25 Cracker Barrel gift cards we earned through MyPoints so we found a Cracker Barrel a few exits down interstate and had supper there. And guess what....they seated us in the non-smoking section, but we were right next to the smoking section and the way the ceiling fan was blowing, we were right in the line of smoke!!! AAaahhhh!! Then our service was pathetic. The server promised TWICE that he would bring out our rolls, and we finally got them when we were done eating the rest of our meal! *rolly eyes*

We were beginning to wonder what was up with service on this trip!! But I will say, it got better!! :)

After we got back to the motel, we decided to walk down the street to the little overlook we were at before and watch for a train and just enjoy the pretty scenery.

There were 2 bridges, one for cars and one for the train. You can see a tiny bit of the auto one behind the trees on the left.

And here is both....

In front of the welcome center....

A little history...

Tammy Q~


Uh-Oh!! ;)

So ends Day #2. It was a full day but we had nice travel weather and got to see a lot of sights!

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