Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When we set up the sprinkler Saturday night (previous post) we realized that because the next day was Sunday, the children would not have a chance to play in the ice. So, Monday night we set up the sprinkler again.
This time we set the sprinkler in the ground at an angle to make it spray higher up in the trees. It was pretty, but it did bring down a few branches. (Guess it made trimming the trees a little less work!) :)

Taken out our bedroom window early morning....see the frost still on the ground....

The kids were out there first thing in the morning....and it was already starting to melt. I guess the sun was feeling rather warm that day! :)

Wanna swing??

Loved the curved icicles! :) I guess as the limb got heavier, and dropped lower to the ground, it changed the direction of the icicles! :)

The pretty grass...

A picture after the morning frost disappeared!

Winter in Florida.....I'm hoping it's officially over! :) I think tomorrow night is our last COLD night for the next 10 days.....60's sounds wonderful!

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Doris High said...

Those icicles are amazing.