Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mother/Son Date

So, what does a Mom do when she has a free afternoon to spend with her son? I wanted to do something fun, educational, and cheap! :) Here is how we spent those "free" hours.....

Danny wanted to eat at Connie's Kitchen, but we found out they only serve food till 12 noon and it was after that till we arrived, so we decided to try out a new place in town, The Country Creamery.
I don't think I'll be going back there again right away. We paid $15 for 2 sandwiches I could have made at home and 2 drinks!!!! :O The food was good, though and I guess in this case it was the experience that counted!??

We both ordered BLT sandwiches. :)
They had a nice outdoor picnic/porch area, and we had it all to ourselves.

Since we only got sandwiches, we also stopped at Burger King and got the new "Cupcake" shakes. They weren't half bad!
We enjoyed the shakes at our local park (Does that grammar sound funny to you...I don't usually enjoy the shakes! LOL) then got ready to practice basketball. Danny is playing Upward basketball this year and he needed more practice. He wasn't able to make it to his first game and then the next practice his coach was sick, so he only had one practice before his first game almost a week and a half later. We had a good time and it brought back memories of playing basketball in high school! :)

Danny & Coach Mom :)

When we got tired of practicing, we ran a few errands in town and then parked at the bike trail and walked about a mile or so. It took us awhile, because we stopped and enjoyed nature and took lots of pictures! :) We met a wonderful young lady who was biking the trail and got to chat a bit with her! :)

There were SO MANY birds out today! The woods were just full of them. I think we could have sat and watched them for a long while. Most of them blended in well with their surroundings, but we did see one pretty male cardinal.

This one was bright colored too and lit up my day!! :) <3

I spotted a tree I wanted to take Danny's picture at....across the stream of water.....
So, he jumped.....

I took his picture.....

...and he jumped again! :)

He insisted that I let him take my picture, so I jumped across, got my picture taken and he also got evidence of how ungracefully his Mom jumps! LOL!!

Pictures through a culvert...

Reflections... :)

Stopped for a self time picture on the bridge! :)

No, we didn't write on the underpass! ;) But the message fit!
I asked him if it wasn't a freaky feeling to know that cars were driving over the bridge right above his head!?? (he was standing on the top of a wooden bridge similar to the one in the pic above)

The trail we were on....

After the trail, we had to spend a few minutes on the train....with Mr. Goofy! :)

I thank God more every day for allowing me to experience a son! It is an awesome responsibility!! Another 7 years from now, he will be old enough to "be on his own". I want to cherish the moments I have NOW!!

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