Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Day evening we got together with our friends, the Pickron's and the Peyton's. The Pickron's and us have been going through a DVD series, The Truth Project together. So after a supper of burgers and dogs, we watched the 6th DVD. I highly recommend this DVD series to anyone! Very thought provoking!!
The boys had fun playing a video game.......

Dan- "The Cat Whisperer" :) It was so funny, both the cats found a comfy place to sleep while we were watching the film...on Dan's legs! :)
January 2- Tamara's 9th birthday. Her and Danny had a slumber party on the living room floor the night before and were up bright and early. Once we all got up and dressed it was time for gifts....

A new doll house.....

and a few accessories! :)

Time to play the day away!! :)

We spent the afternoon in Panama City and had supper at IHOP! Also watched "Where the Wild Things Are" in the dollar theater in the mall! :)

The *boyz*

The *galz*
Tamara got a free Sundae! :)

We didn't spend alot of time shopping, because Danny started feeling bad....had a sore throat and was really tired. He went out in the van to sleep while we finished up our supper and he slept the whole time Tamara and I were in Target. He woke up and felt a little better so we all went into Walmart. I was thrilled to find Tamara a new fleece lined jacket for only $5!! :O I love that kind of shopping! :) Got home early enough to all get a good nights sleep!
I still stayed home from church with Danny. He was feeling pretty bad first thing, but as the day went on, he started feeling better. Then late afternoon, he started complaining that his throat was hurting more. We all stayed home from church tonight. Tamara has got the sniffles, too!

Hope we are all feeling better soon! This week is very exciting for me! My Dad and Mom are coming for a few days!!!! :) It's been 9 months since I saw them and 4 years since they were down here! But it's going to be C.O.L.D.!! :P


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elaine said...

LOL about it being cold!Your parents will think it's warm after the cold,windy weather we had lately!Love Tamara's dollhouse.I played with a Fisher Price dollhouse when I was growing up.So much fun!Blessings to you in the New Year!