Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We were very blessed to have my parents come for a visit this past weekend. It had been 4 years since they were last down and 9 months since we had actually seen them last. They left their home in PA Wednesday afternoon, the 6th and got here around 9:30 Thursday morning.
Mom was hoping they would get a chance to go to the beach while they were down, but the forecast was showing continued cold, like we had been having (hi's in the 40's and 50's, lows in the 20's) Well, Thursday when they got here, the weather was actually not bad. It almost felt warm in the sun, so we decided this would probably be our best day to go.
And it was! I am so glad we went. It wasn't windy down at the water like usual, just a gentle breeze. We didn't even wear jackets. Mom wore her sweater and said she was getting too warm till we were done.

Dad and the children walking down the path to the beach.....

Searching for nice shells, drift wood or sand dollars....

My parents :) So glad we got to be together again!!

The pretty wind blown sand...

Heading back...we probably walked about a mile or so...not really sure.

The sky and the water were so brilliant and blue!

Danny & Tamara carrying their treasures back to the car.

Dad found an old pair of sunglasses that had barnacles growing all over them! Wonder how long ago someone lost them? :)

Tamara found a sea urchin...

And Dad found this "sea sponge??" full of tiny shells. He also got some nice pieces of driftwood.

Till next time~ :)

That evening, Dan had a meeting to go to, so the kids and I taught Dad & Mom how to play Bunco, one of the new games we got for Christmas.

Danny patiently waiting his turn...

Friday, Dan had to go to work, like normal, and we did some work around the house. Mom brought all kinds of yummy food and treats along. Here she was making some blueberry cream cheese pies for supper! :)

We got Dad to do some odds and ends jobs. He put new weather stripping around our front door. It is so nice not to see daylight or feel cold air blowing through there anymore!

He also diagnosed and fixed my leaky faucet in the kitchen. Whenever I would turn it on, water would run out everywhere! Now it works so smoothly and my faucet area stays dry!! :)

Mom made chicken burritos for supper. We had to get out the Tabasco sauce in remembrance of an event back in 1996 about this time! :)
Our good friends, the Riehls got married in Feb. '96 and Dad's and us and the Riehls went out for supper after rehearsal the night before their wedding. I don't remember what all happened, but something got said about Tabasco sauce and hot lips and Conrad never let my Mom forget about that! So this picture is especially for Conrad!! :) Ok, so maybe it was staged! ;)

After supper, we gave Mom and Dad their Christmas gifts from us. I gave Mom a candle, dish rag and a tablet. But they were laughing at Dad's gift. I wrapped it very odd, because Dad has a habit of figuring out what his gifts are! As soon as he saw the bottom, he knew he was getting a cane! :)

A fitting cane for my carpentar Dad!! And if he holds it straight out, it looks like a gun!! Perfect for the hunter in him! :) I'm just glad he doesn't need it yet!

Saturday we stayed home and played games and visited....just had a nice relaxing day! :)
In the evening, we decided to take advantage of the cold temperatures, by setting up the sprinkler over night....this was the scene the next morning. :)

Not so kid friendly, huh?? :)

Sunday, after a wonderful service, a yummy fellowship dinner, a challenging video and singing at the nursing home, we came home and......

....played more games!! :) A little Rook, a little Apples to Apples and a little Hand & Foot!

Monday morning came all to fast!
Dad and Mom got up early and we got to visit over coffee for awhile, then it was time for Dad to pack the truck.....the frosty truck!

Brrr!! Wish it had been warmer while they were here, but we still had lots of fun!

They were packed and ready to spend the next few days with my sister in GA!

~Till next time~

Come back soon!! :)

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