Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tamara had her birthday cake a little late this year since we had so much going on over the time of her birthday. She didn't mind! :) Happy 9th birthday, sweetie! ;)

Saturday evening we were invited to Eric & Yolie's for Carmen's 8th birthday party!
Carmen made and decorated her own cake!! :)

Beaver, Dan and Eric chewin' the flab~
and lil Valerie bein' cute, Collin zonked out in his daddy's lap! :)

Pizza Time....homemade pizza, that is!!

Mrs. Naomi played Happy Birthday for Carmen on her harmonica! :) How special to have your great grandma play a birthday song for you!!

Carmen requested that the children come dressed in some type of "costume". Danny was a pirate and Tamara a princess....

Carmen loved her Webkinz pony from the kids!

Danny giving piggy back rides to Ian...

HELP! The pirate had captured the princess!! :O

The costumed ones....
Cowboy Ian, Princess Tamara, Cute Lena, Indian Sean, Pirate "Frank", and Pretty Lady Carmen :)
It's great to have wonderful friends!! :)

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