Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dan came home from work a little early on December 23. Soon after he got home, we packed the van and headed north to Hodges, SC to spend the weekend with Dan's family at his sister Miriam's house. We got up there around midnight eastern time. After unpacking and then visiting a little we were ready to hit the beds! It is about a 7 hour drive from our house to theirs.

Thursday morning (Christmas Eve day) we had a lovely breakfast with Tim and Miriam and also with Esther and her new friend, Peter. :) Late morning Dan's parents showed up and we spent the rest of the day just enjoying each others company.

The kids and Miriam outside playing with Ginger.

The guys got in a little (or a lot *smile*) of PS football.

Danny loved it and the first night, since he was sleeping on the sofa in the living room, he stayed up quite late playing it!
Christmas Eve night, Tim's went to a late service at their church. Dan's parents went to Tim's parents house to sleep, so just our family stayed at the house.

Christmas morning we all enjoyed some coffee to get us going. :)

We were invited to Tim's sister, Joyce's house for a BIG breakfast. Her husband, Jose, cooked us a yummy breakfast of eggs, sausage, pancakes, bacon, rolls and more.

Jose is standing(under the light) and his wife, Joyce is sitting to his right. The girl in the white is their daughter, Katie and her boyfriend, Brent is to her left. The guy the whole way to the right with the gray shirt is their son, Brandon. The man in the red shirt is Tim's dad, Bob. The other guy in the red plaid is Billy, the mentally handicapped guy that Dan's parents keep.

Visiting after breakfast....

Brandon loves kids and Danny always enjoys spending time with him! They were playing Wii together. The kids stayed there all morning and Jose and Joyce brought them along to the dinner at Tim's parents house.

The Montalvo's dog, Tsukey :)

Tim & Miriam~ the parent's-to-be come May!! :)

So late afternoon, we headed over to Tim's dad and step-mom's house for dinner. They went all out!! We were well fed Christmas day!!

Pictured from left and clockwise- Dan, his Dad, Jose', Ruth (Tim's step-mom) and then two friends of Bob & Ruth (don't remember names!)

Miriam and a cheesy Tamara~

Danny with his gift from Bob & Ruth (I didn't expect them to give us all gifts!! :O)

Opening gifts~

Bob, Mom and I played a game of Scrabble. Mom won!
After we got back to Tim's, we did the family gift exchange. The kids got some nice gifts from their aunts and uncles....lots of new games for our family to play!! :)

We took one gift along for the kids....
Danny was excited to get another BibleMan DVD, a Jimmie Johnson hat, some books and a sweatshirt.....

Tamara was excited that we got her the Webkinz pink cockatoo she really wanted...we found them on sale for $5 at Hallmark!! :O

She also loved her Breyer "horspital" set! :)

Just chitchatting late into the night!! :)

Saturday we did some cleaning up....the house can get so messy with lots of people there! :)

For lunch, Miriam made a birthday cake for Esther (12-30) and Tamara (1-02). Then they gave some birthday gifts, too. Tamara got a cute drawstring purse filled with "goodies" from Esther, that she got in Mexico.

Esther gave her a box of Bendaroos. They are fun!!

Esther with her b-day gift from Miriam! :D

Tim's had previous plans to see some friends Saturday night and Esther was headed home, as well as Dan's parents, so we got in touch with our friends, Jeremy & Carolyn Weaver and stopped in for a couple hours to visit with them! It was so good to catch up on their lives and be encouraged by them! :)

When we got home, we ate some sandwiches and then pulled out the new game, Bunco, that Sam & Katrina gave us. (Sam's were in IN with Katrina's family) It was lots of fun!!


A little more PS football before bed..... :)

After Tim's got back, we sat up late visiting, knowing we would be heading out early the next morning!

It was great spending time with Dan's family~ Thanks to Tim and Mim for making it possible for us to do that!!

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