Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday was a beautiful day for Emily's bi-annual yard sale!! It did get hot around noon, but the morning was lovely and the people were OUT!! :) This was the best sale yet!! :) What I didn't sell, I sent to the local thrift store, except for a few items I thought I could sell on Ebay! (Whenever I find the time for that!!)

Saturday afternoon was the 20th Anniversary of the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement in Blountstown. The paper advertised starting at 3 but that was about all the info it gave. The Smith's told us they were serving supper, so we figured we'd go for supper and stay for the "entertainment". Well, when we got there at 5 they were cleaning up the supper and everything was shutting down...we were slightly disappointed...we had missed the mass choir and all that good stuff! :(
BUT, we still had a little fun outside the country store!

Dan and Leah played a game of checkers....
Danny bought a spear with the money he made at the yard sale! Look out!! :O

David became his first victim!! :O

More ponderings...

What can I say? We have crazy friends!! LOL!!

We went over to Dave and Jill's then for popcorn and a movie which turned in to popcorn and football!! :P LOL!! But I got to help Jill with some computer stuff and got to see some of her new decorating she did in their was all good!! :)

On Sunday I found out some ladies and girls from church were going out to MO to visit a couple who moved away from here about a year ago...they had extra room yet, so I guess Tamara and I will go along with them to see my brother Lynn and his family!! :) AND, we will get to see my nephew Kendon and his wife since they are in the states right now. :)

Whether we actually go or not will depend on how we are feeling. Tamara started complaining of a sore throat last night and this morning had swollen glands in her neck...till noon she was cold and felt like she had a fever. Our only thermometer, an ear therm. we had since Danny was a baby was showing normal temps, but I think it is goofy! She sure felt warm to me!! So I've been keeping her on Tylenol Cold & Fever and hope she has a restful night. Her throat sounded so thick when she went to bed, so I rubbed her down with Vicks, which she does not like! :(
I felt a little "queasy" all day too...didn't feel hungry, so I'm not sure if I have a touch of something too!?? We will see what tomorrow brings...pray that I know whether or not to take her to the Dr. Hopefully it is just a 24 hour thing that others from church seem to have!??

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Twila said...

What is that about kids not liking Vicks rubbed on them anymore? kids don't like it either and I have fond memories of the stuff! As for thermometers, I still have several of the trustworthy, old-fashioned mercury ones that the medical people like you to turn in for a new-fangled kind but I'll not do that. I hope you feel better so you can go on the trip, otherwise trust you'll take it from the Lord if you're not able to go.