Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yay!! Fall is here...maybe not to stay, but it's still here for a few days!!
My favorite Fall things....
*Ag Days *Burning leaves *Church Bike Hike *Cool evening walks *Brisk air coming in the windows *hanging wash out *Goat Day *Mums and Pumpkin decor *Burning Candles *Hay rides :)

Last night for supper the kids and I made kabobs...marinaded chicken, squash, mushrooms and pineapples!! :P They turned out yummy! I think this will be a weekly menu item till it gets too cold to grill...but even then, what are jackets for?? :)

Danny had the camera so the following pics are compliments of him!!
I had a yellow mum in a planter since last Fall and it kind of died on me, but every now and then it would shoot out a few green leaves. Well, a few weeks back I saw it was getting buds, so I took real good care of it and it is blooming and looks great. It only took up half of the planter, so I bought another mum to plant in with it. :) I'd like to get a red one yet...and maybe a few decorative pumpkins?? I love Fall decor but with money being a little tighter, I don't think I'll do too much this year! I'll just enjoy every one else's!! :)

Kabob's grilling...and oh, they smelled so good!! :)

The evening sun shining through the trees. (ok, I took this one) The leaves on the only tree on our property (one in pic) are slowly turning brown and falling off. It never did turn pretty colors in the fall! Someday I wish for a Japanese Maple in my yard again, like we had in PA. Such a pretty tree from Spring to Fall.

Mocha...our playful pup. We have been letting him off the chain more lately. Our goal is to have him trained to obey so he can always be off the chain. He is too much of a wanderer yet and he barks at and chases after people who are walking by or come to the house. Although he wouldn't hurt anyone, it still isn't nice if people are uncertain....

I am immensely enjoying sitting here at my desk at 2 in the afternoon and feeling a cool breeze blowing through my house!! :) BUT, I should not sit here much longer!
On Saturday a fellow homeschooling Mom is having her bi-annual yard sale and I am taking A LOT of stuff!! I still have A LOT of stuff to mark and get together! I feel like I have been on a mission of organizing our house for the last few years and it is taking FOREVER!! BUT, I am seeing a difference, slowly but surely!! Just seems like everywhere I look there is clutter crying out for me to deal with it!! LOL!! One day my house will be dwindled down to the bare necessities and I will have more time to spend doing things I enjoy instead of constantly cleaning, putting away, etc. I wonder, if I'd turn my computer off for a week, how much I could get done?? BUT, I am selling some things online, so I need to be checking that periodically. So tell me, would it be better just to "get rid of" stuff and not worry about those couple dollars I could make by selling it, or is the extra $$$ worth the effort...sometimes I wonder if I don't just make myself busier by selling online...then I have to take the time to package and ship it, too!! Aaahhh!!!
And life goes on...and I must get to work....

Happy, Blessed Fall to each one of you!! :)

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linfordberry said...

My husband keeps telling me to sell things on Ebay, but I feel that it is alot of time wasted posting, packing, and shipping. I would rather just take my stuff to Goodwill/Salvation Army and be done with it. I want to go through things in my house again too and really scale down what I keep so I can have less clutter and hopefully more room to put some other things that I need to keep. :) ~Judith B.