Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Last evening the Lewis' hosted a Farewell Fellowship for Keith & Sarah...our dear friends who are moving to MI this weekend.

The ones we will miss. Their son Logan was elsewhere....

Snack time....finger foods and drinks.

Got a few pics of some of the people who were there....
Martha Byler, Glennys Shank, and Ruth Drawbond...oh, and there is Logan sitting on his Grandma's lap hiding behind Ruth! :P :)

Mariann Riley, Carol Yoder, and Emma Bontrager

Ivan and Lonnie (brothers) looking at a book Miss Dana made for Nehemiah's first birthday with pictures of them in it :)

Hannah, Emily, Beth and Susan... :) :)

Dan and Ben discussing prison work...

And there's Mary Vance!! :) Capturing the moments.... ;)

A table of wonderful ladies! :) "Do YOU eat Sweetened Condensed Milk out of a can??" ;)

We will miss you, Keith & Sarah and Logan and baby-to-be!! :( Wishing you God's best blessings for your family!!

Well, tomorrow morning at 2 AM is departure time for the trip to MO. We are busy washing and packing and cleaning....and praying that we feel okay and to know if we need to stay home or not!! :( Tamara seems to be back to normal, but then she says, Mom, my belly right away I she getting a case of the pukes, or is it just that she is hungry or just has gas pains?? And then my belly starts to it just sympathy pains for her...or worrying about going and then being sick on the trip....AAAHHHH!!! So if you would, pray for peace and a for sure knowledge by tonight what we should do...if we are going to be sick, let us start now, rather than later and if we are going to be okay....give me peace about it!! :) Thanks!! :)

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