Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday, my sister Chris and her family came for a short weekend visit! The guys decided we should take in a football game at our local highschool that night. The Tigers were playing the Port St. Joe Sharks....and the Tigers won, but they had us holding our breath for awhile!! :)

Here come the Blountstown Tigers....

Everyone must have been intent on the game.... :)

Cody and Danny were yelling, "Skin those sharks!!" :) But their yelling was nothing compared to the lady on the back of our side of the bleachers! I wouldn't be surprised if she lost her voice....but you can count on her being in that same spot at every game, yelling and blowing her bullhorn! Next time remind me to wear ear plugs!! LOL!

This is the middle school football team...looks like we got some big players coming on next year!! Some of those guys are tall!! :)

Dan with two of his favorite nieces!! :)

Saturday after lunch Chris and I took the kids to the park to burn some energy! :)

Check out that eye!! :)

Nicole....sporting a new look with her contacts!! :)

We played a quick game of kickball....
Watch out Danny....Mom's about to get you out! Only if she can throw straight! LOL!

Tamara on base!!

~Sisters~ :)

While we were at the park, the men got back from a quick trip to Panama City Beach to pick up a piano we bought from Dan's boss' church. Many hands to help unload!! :)
Tyler, are you bossing your sister? *gasp* ;)

Checking out its insides....

It's new home...

Watching more football..... :P

Princess Tamara with her royal cat....Orchid Seraphina. :)

The Martin's....Dwayne and Chris, Nicole (17), Tyler (16), Carmen (13), Heidi (10) and Cody (7).
Thanks for coming and spending a few hours with us...we enjoyed it!!! :)

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