Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well, Tamara and I are at home!! :( I struggled all day yesterday about what to do. We were supposed to leave at 2 AM this morning, but as of yesterday afternoon, Tamara still had fever. And for the past 3 days I had "come-n-go" nausea. I figured it was just the stress of her being sick and me not knowing what to do. (I don't like to be the one to make decisions!! :P) So last night after supper, Dan and I sat down and talked about it and prayed....I prayed that God would give me a clear answer whether or not we should stay home. I also talked to the two other ladies who were going, too, and they both thought I shouldn't let a fever get in the way of going. And that was Dan's thought's too!!
So at 9:00 I went to bed, but I tossed and turned and my stomach was also tossing and turning!! I thought it was just because I hadn't eaten much all day and it WAS growling, but it was also making other noises! :( Finally at 11:30, I could take it no more...I had to do the dirty deed!! :P I fell asleep then and woke up with the alarm at 1 AM. But I knew there was no way I was going to go on this trip. I felt shaky and nauseous again! So I called Emma and told her not to come pick me up.
Fell back asleep again and woke with the 5:30 alarm for Dan. I got up and went and broke the news to Tamara...she didn't seem to mind too much. Then I crawled back in bed...although I seemed to be feeling better. Dan told me just to go back to sleep. Since I had the coffee all set up for him the night before and he had lunch money, I didn't need to do anything for him. Before he left he told me that Tamara was awake, so she came back and crawled into bed with me and we slept till 8:30.
After we got up, we talked about the disappointment of not being able to go and both had to shed a few tears when we saw our packed bags sitting by the door, waiting to go! It was kind of tough unpacking them, but Tamara was so upbeat and kept reminding me it's not the end of the world!! :)
So, I prayed for a clear answer and I don't think it could have been much clearer, but now that I am feeling better, I want to ask WHY?? This was a perfect opportunity to visit my family....a perfect time to spend some mother/daughter time....a perfect time for Dan to have some "me" time and peace and quiet to do schoolwork....a perfect weekend for him and Danny to have "guy time".....
....I thought!!?? So why did God answer in that way?? I guess I may never know...maybe He wanted to teach us all something?? I don't know, but am thankful I have a Father who know's what is best for me!!

So I am still thinking the guys can have their "guy time" on Saturday and Tamara and I can have some mother/daughter maybe?? :) But I want to still give Dan the opportunity to have some peace and quiet to study in tonight....anyone have an idea what the kids and I can do?? I am determined to make the best of this disappointment!!

Wishing you a sunshiny day wherever you are and whatever your circumstances are!! :)


Anonymous said...

take amy and Ayla and go ride the bike trail in town. It will be quiet Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you missed out on visiting family...but it's nice to see you taking it from the Lord. ~Twila