Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday was Tamara's paper mache class, and Danny's carpentry class. The Carpentry class got canceled because of so many who were sick, so we all went and experienced paper mache!! :) I think it could get addicting! Danny started on a fort and Tamara is making a house....the start of a village?? Since this was just a "visit" for Danny, Tamara will bring his project home this week and we will finish it here at home.

The older kids...

...some creativity flowing here....

Almost got the fort wrapped in paper...

Dylan and Jedd

These are some of the finished products that Mrs. Danley's (their teacher) mother made...amazing!
~Nemo and a doll cradle~
Bert? Ernie? I always get these guys mixed up!! :P

Friday evening I was in my bedroom and heard Tamara pretending with her stuffed animals. I realized that I rarely take pics of the kids doing "everyday" things...usually just special events, so I grabbed my camera...she was dressing up her stuffed animals in doll clothes. I thought it was cute...her favorite Webkinz horse had socks on all 4 feet and her lab puppy was sporting a matching outfit and hat! :) She was having fun!!

Meanwhile...Dan and Danny were outside putting new tires on Danny's bike. The old ones were dry rotting and we are trying to prepare for our church's annual bike hike coming up in November. :)

When all the small jobs were accomplished, we played a game of Apples to Apples Jr. ;) One of our favorite family games!! :)

Saturday morning Dan and Danny went and helped Keith and Sarah Yoder pack up the moving trailer and they left for MI later in the day!! :( We will miss them very much!!
While they were gone, Tamara and I went to a few yard sales...something I haven't done for a LONG time! We had success...found 2 sales that had boys clothes Danny's size and got him some NICE jeans for $1 a pair!! :) And a few shirts for $.25-$.50 each!!
After lunch, we headed out to Panama City. We sold our elliptical trainer to a guy out that way who didn't have a way to come pick it up and since we had planned to be out that way anyhow, we delivered it to him! :) Then we stopped at Hobby Lobby. I needed paints for Danny to finish his fort. :) After that we went to Pier Park and spent the rest of the day window shopping (including a few small purchases!!) and ate supper at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries...good food, but way overrated and EXPENSIVE!!!! :O Then we took in a 3-D show of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs :) After the movie, Dan and the kids hit Starbucks and we sat outside at a picnic table and enjoyed watching people...I wished SO MANY times for my camera that night....Pier Park is a cool place...not your normal shopping center. Maybe next time....

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