Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goat Day

Saturday was the 23rd?? annual Goat Day in Blountstown...it was a cold day, unlike most of the other years I can remember!! Usually it is SO hot!! We were thankful for some cooler temps!
At Goat Day you will see many vendor tents, games for kids, goats, pigs and this year chickens for some fun for the little kids....then cross the bridge in the woods to visit the Old-Time Pioneer Settlement. :)
One of the first booths we came to, they were producing a 3 minute video of your kids in the event that they ever disappear for some reason or another....you present this video to the police to help them find your child. They also gave us a DNA swab kit and some other info...hopefully it is something we never need to worry about!!
Danny getting ready to be recorded. I should watch the video, but I think they get them to answer questions about their age, grade of school, favorite foods, etc.

Tamara's turn....

Feeding the goats....

I wondered if this guy was going to be able to get his head back through the fence. It looked like his horns were going to catch, but I guess they are smart enough!! :)

A curious goat that was left in a trailer...he kept standing up to watch the action. :) Poor guy!

Lunch...chicken on a stick and curly fries. Lots of yummy greasy food! :P

After lunch we headed through the woods to the Pioneer Settlement.

Cranking corn...after they shell all the kernels off, they got to stick a feather in the end, turning them into the perfect missile!! I don't know if this was something pioneer kids played with!??

This lady was telling us all about butchering hogs. And how they ate pretty much every part of the hogs! :P You could help yourself to pork cracklin's (skin) here.

Inside one of the old houses. After I took this picture, a lady who worked there came in and asked Dan to add some wood to the fire. The small window behind Dans head opened to a stack of wood outside.

These fine ladies were serving home-churned butter on crackers. (the lady on the right is Leah Smith) :)

Tamara posing on the porch of the log home above.

In the blacksmith's shop....

Homemade Ice Cream to end the day. Although hot chocolate would have been better on such a cold day!! :)

This year, neither of the kids wanted to enter the greased pig chase, so we didn't stick around for that. They also had a chicken chase for the smaller kids this year. I would have liked to see that, but we decided to leave since we were done seeing everything and we would have still had about an hour to wait.
Another Goat Day is history~


Anonymous said...

I would have l-o-v-e-d to be able to have cracklings again...haven't had any since my grandparents used to butcher pigs on their farm when I was a little girl. It was interesting to see pictures of the Pioneer Settlement since I read about that in The Budget (by your local scribe :)). ~Twila K.

Richlyblessed said...

Enjoyed your pictures of Goat Day :) And it was so nice to have cool weather. Did you know that Robin caught a chicken and won $10.00?!

Doris High said...

I would enjoy Goat Day and the Pioneer Settlement. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the title of your post I thought of "the goat man." Many years ago "the goat man" used to drive his herd of goats and wagon through our area.