Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homecoming Parade

Yesterday afternoon was the Homecoming Parade in Blountstown. The last two years they got rained out, but yesterday was a beautiful day...a little on the HOT side!!! :P
Danny sitting with his Dad's second cousin....Weston Schrock. Weston's Dad is a dentist in town and we sat in front of his office to watch the parade.

Dan & Tamara

Here they come...

The Blountstown football team are the Tigers and they were playing the Wewa Gators that can't see it real good, but it says Gator Exterminator on the side of the boat! :)

Miss Allison Wroblewski...her family moved here from IN about the time we moved here and we met through our homeschool group. :)

Kenya...he was one of my students at VBS this year! :)


V-ball team...

Thought this one was cute!

Cute gals...they had to be hot! I bet it was near 90 yesterday!!

These guys needed a ride... :)
Gig the Gators....

Blountstown Fire Dept. We are looking forward to going on a field trip to the Fire Hall in October, National Fire Safety Month!

Today was my 32nd birthday and I can honestly say it was the best one yet! I really can't believe I am in my 30's!! I thought people in their 30's were OLD just a couple of years ago, but I sure ain't old!! LOL!!
Pics to come from the youth social last night and the Re-enactment of the Battle of Marianna today...

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Rachal said...

Happy Birthday Twila! Wow...sounds like it's still hot down there. :) We have 40's at night and 50's-70's during the day.
Have a good week!