Thursday, September 24, 2009


July 2008

September 2009

Notice anything?? :) Yup, Dan lost around 20 pounds and I lost about 42! :) Dan is pretty much at his goal, but I've still got a ways to go...I was starting to stall out, but I think I have been encouraged to keep going...after all, I never want to see the weight I left behind added on again!! Unless of course it was for a good reason! ;)

Today we are finishing up our My Father's World Canada study! Then I want to clean my house!! I am trying to go through stuff for yard sale next weekend and feel like everything is a cluttered mess! :P I so badly desire a house that is void of any unessentials...a place to relax and just be looks like a huge task, but ONE DAY I will get there!! :)

Tomorrow Dan has off work. We are traveling up to Colquitt, GA to "buy" a birth certificate for him. The one he "thought" he had, was just a hospital keepsake, not the real thing. Although somehow he was able to use it to get in Haiti years ago! Then we have to run by the hospital one more time and drop off the rest of the papers needed to apply for insurance for our family. In the evening we are planning to go to the Lighthouse Children's Home in Tallahassee to hear the Dixie Echoes. :) Yay!!

Well, my time on the computer for this morning is nearly over. Must go get to work! Have a beautiful, God-filled day...remember, we are His masterpiece, created in his image...and to be His light~


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful Twila!! Congrats to both of you for the HARD work of dieting!! To really get the full effect of how much you lost you should put the same clothes on and sit at the same spot, or else do your before and afters in bathing suits next time. :)ha ha
Seriously, I can definitely see a difference in both your faces.

Unto The Least of These said...

Twila, this is so wierd, I knowyou had this blog before I had ours, and I appologize, but I had no idea that you had one or that I had chosen the same name for ours! Hope this doesn't offend you, I can change ours if you want me to!

Anonymous said...

I needed birth certificate a while back and found out the one I had wasn't the real thing too. We went on line and were able to get several copies through the mail.
Keep up the good work of shedding pounds. You look great!