Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kidz on the Playground :)

Continuation of yesterday....
On our way home from Colquitt, we stopped in a town just north of here, Grand Ridge. They have the coolest looking playground and ever since I first saw it, I've been meaning to take the kids there. So, we decided to stop and play a little....hey, there's still a little kid in us all right?? ;)

The Playground...

Dan climbed up the rock wall....

Crazy....but normal!! :) My life would be way boring if Dan wasn't so crazy!! :)

Danny boy.... Jr. :) and yes, he can be pretty crazy, too...what can I say?? ;)
Tamara <3


It was a fun, spontaneous stop...I love days that we can just take our time and enjoy life! :)
We got home and ate a quick lunch, then headed out to Blountstown for the Homecoming Parade. We had planned to go to the Blountstown Tigers game in the evening, but on our way home from our morning running, our friend Eric called and invited us to to join the youth at their house in the evening for grilled hotdogs, burgers and kabobs....and marshmallows. Friends win over a football game anyday!!
Pics to come of the parade and youth night!! :)

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