Monday, September 28, 2009

Youth Social

Friday night Eric & Yolie invited us to join themselves and the youth group at their house for supper and games.

Little Collin who is growing up so fast!! (9 months)

Getting all the food ready to make kabobs! :)

In the process....

The finished product...well, they just needed to be cooked yet! This was, believe it or not, the first time I can remember eating kabobs!! And they didn't disappoint me! ;) (except the oysters weren't my favorite!) :P

Eric also grilled burgers and hot dogs...lets just say we had enough food left over to feed another crowd of people!! :) But, that meant we got to bring some kabob's along for Dan to eat for lunch on Saturday while the kids and I were away!! :) I like!

When we were pretty much done with supper, all of a sudden the lights went out and they started singing Happy me!!! :) I didn't know that Dan had asked Allison to make me a cake! It was a moist chocolate cake with minty icing....Yummy!! Thanks ya'll!!

As for the name...that is kind of my "adopted" name that the youth group gave me way back...I think it started with one of the Redmond girls, in an operatic (??) voice! :)

32 years young.... :)

We played a fun game, Moods. Funny, funny stuff!!

Eric also gave us a ride on the back of his camouflaged "Mator". Enjoyed driving down the grass runway watching the stars! God is a marvelous Creator! And we are blessed to have such great people to hang out with!! :)

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Caroline said...

I missed being there soo much! Happy belated birthday to you, TwEEla :) I always enjoy hanging out with you at youth stuff. So glad ya'll join us!