Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Friday, RHE took a field trip to Zoo World in Panama City Beach. It was a lovely day....warm and sunny! :) We had never been there before so we weren't sure what to expect. It was a nice little zoo!

Monkey's have got to be one of my favorite zoo animals. Maybe because they have so many human characteristics!?? :)

This monkey was wanting to share the hammock, but the one already in the hammock would push his foot loose every time he grabbed a hold!! Just like children, right! Finally the second one gave up and went off somewhere else! :)

A type of Lemur....they had 3 different kinds in the same cage. Looks like someone just got lunch!!

Joy and her son Austin. :)

I was taking some pics of this macaw, when the white peacock jumped up on the bird bath beside him! I guess he didn't want to be left out!! :)

Bird show....

This intern had quite the time of it with the lemur. He was full of energy and was jumping all around. Then he climbed up on her head (and pulled her hair in the process!!) They called him Julian (from Madagascar) :)

Cute Kaden talking on the phone to his mommy at lunch time!

Yes, these monkey's were enjoying the zoo!! :)

In the petting zoo. Tamara especially liked the equine section! :)

Danny, Dylan and Austin feeding Mr. Giraffe~

Handsome? No?? I think not. And I took a picture of his good side. He had a big growth on his cheek on the other side.

This donkey cracked me up!! When no one was paying any attention to him, he would raise a fuss...and made some funny faces in the process!! :)

Baaahh to you too!!

The camel was not supposed to be bothered. The sign said he was on a special diet and was cranky. I know how you feel, Camel Boy!! :) Diets are NO fun!!

We sat down to wait for the Wolf show to start. Austin was sharing his lemons with Tamara...or maybe he was asking her to hold them for him, so he could go sit in the front row. They couldn't have any food up front when the wolves came out.

I had never seen wolves in a show at a zoo before. They didn't really do anything special other than let the kids pet them. I was hoping one would howl for us, but the trainer said they have never been able to do anything to make them howl....except if the monkey's got too noisy or if an ambulance went by with it's sirens on....which happened AFTER the show was over! :P

Beautiful eyes....

The children had their picture taken with one of the wolves after the show!! :)

So did Bailey and Victoria~


Wishing it was the real thing!! :)

Tigers...such beautiful, majestic cats!!

The King of the zoo!! :)

:) He wasn't too sure about being hugged by a tiger! LOL!!

Turtles basking in the sun....

A pretty rainbow in the fountain...


All through the zoo, they had signs telling you what a family group of each animal was called. There were quite a few funny ones that I had never heard of! Wished I had remembered or took pics of more of them!

Ready to head home!

We had advertised a set of end tables on Craigslist the day before and a guy replied that evening yet and said he would really like to have them, but lives in Panama City and had no way to get them since he only had a car. He asked if we would deliver them if he paid $20 extra! :O Of course I said we would since we were going to be down that way anyway!! So after our zoo trip, we located the guys house and delivered the end tables. He was very happy with them and I was thrilled to have my gas paid for the day!! :)


Doris said...

I love zoos!

Anonymous said...

Zoos have changed a lot since I was a little girl, but they still are a fun and fascinating place to go. Monkeys are my favorite too!