Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wow, I had so many thoughts running through my mind this weekend that I wanted to blog, but we had company and were having lots of fun. I didn't take much time for the computer and then when I finally decided to update my blog, our phone and internet service were down (from Sat. till Monday afternoon!! :P)
So Wed. night Dan's brother Sam and his wife Katrina came down from SC for Thanksgiving. They got here late, but we still stayed up and talked for awhile! The cool thing about the long weekend is that Dan had off work the whole time and even got his school work for the week finished before they showed up Wed. night!! :)
Thursday we just bummed around the house, then had a big meal for lunch. After that was all cleaned up, we headed out to town to take some family pics. What fun we had!! And everyone was a good sport. It was cool and windy and so bright and sunny!
Here are a few samples of the pics that were taken....

Danny ~age 10 (but only for a few more hours!! :) )

Tamara Quinn ~Age 8

:) One of the "fun shots" :)

Dad and his princess~

We also took along the guys remote control cars and stopped to play awhile at the park. I only took video's pics. (Wow, I figured out how to add a video!! :P)

Then we stopped at the train when it was almost dark and had a little fun there.
Katrina with the kids on top of the train...

Sam & Katrina

Friday morning we ALL got up at 4 AM and went Black Friday shopping at Walmart. What a unique experience! We got most of what we went for and were out of there by 6. The kids did great! I got a birthday gift for both of them and just hid them under my jacket. Once we got to the register, Sam and Katrina took them out to the van while we paid.
We came home, ate breakfast and then took naps! :) After lunch we headed down to Panama City Beach to take more pics...this time, mostly of Sam & Katrina, but we did a few family ones too.

It was so bright and most of my pictures turned out too bright...was not real thrilled! :P It was also very chilly and windy which makes it hard to keep hair in line!! :)

After the photo shoot on the beach, we went to Pier Park. Had fun window shopping and taking a few more pics!

Then we went to Olive Garden for supper!! :)

After supper, we walked to the center of Pier Park where they had caroling by the tree.

Christmas in the south.... :)

While I was shopping in Carter's, Danny had my camera! :)

Saturday we just had a lazy day....played some games of croquet, had a visit from Sharon Schrock (Dan's moms cousin), and took naps, trying to catch up from the lack of sleep the previous nights!! :)

Sam and Katrina had told us that they wanted to take the kids out and do something fun with them one night and give Dan & I some time to ourselves! :) :) :) We were thrilled! So late afternoon Dan and I headed out to Tallahassee. We did some shopping and enjoyed an Auntie Anne's pretzel in the Mall. Just had a great time lollygagging. No agenda, no hurry to get back! :) A great evening for us.....
.....but the other's think they had more fun than we did!! :) They all went black light mini-golfing and tried out the maze in Marianna and went out for supper. I know they had a good time because the kids couldn't' get done talking about it. :)

We said goodbye to our "guests" Sunday morning. What a great weekend we had!! Thanks Sam and Katrina for coming and making our Thanksgiving vacation so enjoyable!!


Anonymous said...

I love the R.R. theme for your pics! Enjoyed it all, inc. pics of my cousin. :) Weren't you afraid that the Wally World police would see you putting those gifts under your jacket?!!! ~the other Twila

Twila said...

Twila, I guess that did sound kind of bad! :P I had the gifts in my cart and just laid my jacket across the top of them...I wasn't wearing my jacket! ;) I never thought it might look suspicious! But we were okay!! :)

elaine said...

sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!it was neat that you & Dan had some"alone"time and the kids had fun with their Aunt & Uncle!

Anonymous said...

I wondered about hiding those gifts under your jacket too. Not wearing the jacket made a big difference! Great times with Sam and Katrina. I love hearing how other people celebrate the holidays. Loved your pictures!