Monday, November 9, 2009

~Talladega Nascar Race~

I am way behind on updates....this past week was very full. Just didn't have time to sit down and do this. I will probably be doing a couple different posts through the day today!! :P

Last weekend Dan had the opportunity to go with 3 other men to the Nascar race in Talladega, AL. His friend Roy was able to get FREE tickets for them...and they camped in the FREE camping area! :) So it was a relatively inexpensive trip! I'm glad Dan had the opportunity to get away and have a good time with the guys!
Since I didn't take these pics, it feels kind of weird to be posting about them, but I thought it only fair to include the events of Dan's life since this is a family site!! :)

This was the guys set-up....they slept in sleeping bags on lounge chairs under the green tent. :) It turned out to be a COLD weekend and they weren't fully prepared for that! :P

Keeping warm by the fire. I should have posted the pic of their "coffee pot" sitting in the fire. Can't camp in the cold without coffee!! :)
L to R - Roy Pickron, A.T. Peyton and Kevin Vinson.


Danny's favorite driver is Jimmie Johnson...the Lowes driver!

Recognize this guy?? The King!! "Cars" fans know all about him!! :)

Kevin and Dan (they had tickets that allowed them to go into the pits before the game on Sunday!!)


The race underway! :)

The kids and I had a good time while Dan was gone. Us wives met at Kay's house on Saturday for lunch. After we left there, the kids and I went to Tallahassee to do a little shopping and ate supper in the mall. It was Halloween and I figured the stores would be empty with everyone out trick or treating. Well, I was sadly mistaken!! The Mall was FULL....the had trick or treating in there! Each store was giving out candy! :P So, we didnt' stay long and instead went to Michaels and spent awhile "shopping" there....dreaming is more like it! :)
We were all glad to have Dan back late Sunday night! He had my favorite cologne on....wood smoke!!! :) :) :) It took a few days to air out his sleeping bag!
Him and Danny are making plans for next year....I guess that means Tamara and I will have a mother/daughter weekend. Any ideas??

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Anonymous said...

Merv drove a truck loaded with several race cars to Daytona for the first race this year. He enjoyed being in the pits and everywhere else!He follows Nascar and we have been at several races throughout the years because of a former employer racing in ARCA and getting free tickets through him. Quite exciting!!!
Glad Dan got to do that!