Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today was a very good day. Started out by having breakfast with 3 good friends from church. Each of us ladies have an only daughter and the 4 girls are each about a year apart! :)

Our morning did not go as planned. We were going to meet at a new place in town, The Country Creamery. On their facebook page, it said they opened at 8 on Saturday morning, so we planned to meet at 8:15. When Amy and I got there, we discovered they were still closed, and then found the sign on the door that said they opened at 10!! :P There was an older gentleman working in the flower gardens outside and he told us that they had been opening at 8, but were not getting customers that early on a Sat. so they changed their hours.... we, flexible women we are, went to McDonald's instead!! :) :) :)
We had a great time visiting!! And I hope we can do it again soon and next time try out the Country Creamery!! :)

Going around the table clockwise from the left.....
Yolie M., Amy Y., Tamara (8), Heidi W., Maria W. (6), Ayla Y. (5) and Carmen M. (7)

Angie Y. is another friend from church with only 1 daughter....her 4 month old, Jasmine. But they are still recuperating from the Whooping cough!! Keep praying for them!

I thank God that no matter where life takes us, He puts people in our path to encourage us and carry us through.....and these ladies are just those people in my life right now! <3>

After Tamara and I got home, we spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon cleaning and washing. Then around 3 we took the kids to Rocky's for the evening while Dan and I did some birthday shopping. Danny's birthday is Dec. 3 and then Tamara's is Jan. 2. And with Christmas in there, well, you'd think I'd learn to shop ahead of time!! :P
I enjoyed the evening with just my man....doesn't happen too often these days, but I sure cherish it when it does!! :) We got most of what we went for....and a few things we didn't!! :P The kids had a great time making smores, roasting hot dogs, and playing football with their friends! :)

While we were in town, Dan's boss called and asked if he could work for him tomorrow. His boss hurt his back and won't be able to be at the prison. So, Dan will be preaching at our church in the morning and then going straight down to the prison to preach twice there. I think he will be ready to rest tomorrow night!!

Ya'll have a blessed day tomorrow!! :)

**And I am excited that we may be getting company around parents!!! It's been 4 years since they were down here!! :) Can't wait!!

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