Thursday, October 28, 2010

So this weekend it's just gonna be me and my daughter!! :)
Dan has been planning for the last year to go to the Nascar race in Talladega again. His buddy Roy gets free tickets from sponsors at their store! :D Well, this year, everyone else who planned to go backed out, so Dan and Roy are taking their sons along....MUCH to the son's delight!!
So it'll just be Tamara and I this weekend. Tomorrow morning we have a field trip bright and early, so we'll be leaving before the guys do! The field trip is half way between here and Tallahassee, so when that is over, we are going to do a little shopping in town and maybe eat supper out! :)
I'd love to take the time to get a pedicure, eat at a ritzy restaurant and shop till we drop.....but that takes more $$ :P
I do think we will have a great time watching movies, making latte's and just being together! (maybe even squeeze a little cleaning in there!)
You cannot imagine how excited Tamara is to have me to herself for 3. Whole. Days!! :) I am excited too! :)

****Here's to a great weekend to my hubby and I as we spend time with our kids!! ****

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