Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Check out my new widget in the top left column!
We are trying to help our friends, Loren & Renee Barnhart win a new kitchen makeover!!

You need to register and then you can vote once per day, per email address. But ONLY 1 email address per person! We don't want to cheat for votes, or they could get disqualified! Thanks so much for your help!!
The Barnhart's are great folks....I know they love entertaining guests and I know an upgraded kitchen would bless many folks in the years to come!!

Thanks again for helping!! :)


The jotter said...

Me and Mama both regigtered to vote for them..

"I hope we win" ~Princess Bride.

Twila said...

Thank you Ashley...and Brandy!! They appreciate all the help they can get...they are falling in to second place by about 30 points. Hoping to get them more bids!! :)