Sunday, October 24, 2010

Backyard Camping

Friday afternoon, the guys set up the tent to get it cleaned out from our previous camping trip. Dan may be going to Talladega again this weekend with some friends who got free tickets, so if he goes, he wants to take a tent this year and hopefully stay warmer than last year! :) Long story! ;)
So, that evening after a brief shopping trip to Marianna, Dan made a campfire in the back yard by the tent.

There's my family! :) It was a beautiful moonlit night....and so quiet!!

We also made some coffee on the camp stove to keep us warm.

Love watching a campfire!!

A man and his dog....

"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job."
Franklin P. Jones

We had some good laughs with Mocha. He loves chasing sparks from the fire and sometimes acted like he even was going to jump in after them! Crazy dog! :) He kept us entertained!!

The guys slept out that night while Tamara and I "camped out" in my bed! The tent was right outside our bedroom window and we had the curtains open to let in the moonlight. Tamara and I decided to watch a movie (Herbie Rides Again) after we came in to bed, and the guys saw us and came to join us. So nobody went to bed till after 1 AM!! (Except for Mom who couldn't stay awake during the movie!!) :) I am kind of famous for that!!

A fun, relaxing family night!! It's so nice to spend an un-rushed weekend with my little family!!

So tomorrow I need to get this house straightened up!! Seriously, there is stuff everywhere!! I am babysitting for a friend who is going for her first Dr. appt. for this pregnancy!! :) Dan works a late day, so I hope to have the house whipped in shape till he gets home. Maybe I should go to bed so I'm worth something!?? :) But I DID have a nap this afternoon.

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