Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip to PA ~ Part 1

We left for PA last Friday, August 20 around 4:30 PM. Drove straight through....all 18 hours of it! :P
This was the pretty sunrise Saturday morning! :)

Driving up the mountain to my parents. I forgot to take a picture of the road leading back to their house. It's enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies! :)
I can't believe how 5 years has made me forget how narrow and turny PA roads are!

My nephew Kendon & Aggey, from Ontario, showed up at Dad's about an hour after we got there Saturday morning.
This is their baby Brianna :)

A couple hours later, my brother Lynn & Lisa (Kendon's parent's) and their family arrived from MO.

Saturday evening we were invited to a 50th Anniversary celebration for Dale & Velma Schnupp. Dale was a "mentor" to Dan while he was teaching school and during the first years of our married life.

Their whole family gave a program in dedication to them....

The main reason we were invited to the Ann. celebration, was because Dale's fresh air girl from back in the early 90's was going to be there. Cathy became a friend of mine while she stayed at Dale's years ago. She lived with them a good part of a year and went to school with me for at least a half a school year. I hadn't seen her since then. I think it was the year I was in 4th or 5th grade!!
It was SO good to see her again and reconnect. She looked the same as I remembered....just a few years older. Also got to meet her husband, children and mom! :)

~Myself, Cathy and Darlene Weaver~

After the ann. party, we stopped in at the home of Leroy & Mammie Lantz, an amish man that Dan used to give a ride to work when we lived in PA. He was just walking in his drive and his wife came home soon after that. It was good to reconnect with them again. They are in their 70's but sure don't seem to be slowing down a bit! :)
Wished I could have taken a picture for memories sake, but they don't pose for pictures and I wanted to respect that!
So instead, here's a picture I took Sunday as we drove to visit some friends in Ephrata. :)

Sunday we visited our old home church, Womelsdorf. It was good to see friends from there again. All the children are just growing so fast!! :)
We ate lunch with Lewis & Gloria Nolt and Mark & Cheryl Newswanger. Good times.....

In the evening we ate supper with Jay & Marilyn Martin, our wonderful friends we miss so much!!
Tamara, Lauren and Jayce playing Life....

Durrell, Danny & Dylan

Leg wrestling.....


All our children.....
Kaden (2), Durrell (10), Danny (11), Tamara (9), Dylan (10), Lauren (7) and Jayce(5)~

Enjoyed some good games of Snitch and the children had fun just being together again! Marilyn made us a yummy supper of subs, made with homemade buns and macaroni salad and chips....and wonderful choc. peanut butter cake!! :)

Got back to Dad's late. Dwayne and Chris had showed up soon after lunch, so all the out-of-staters were there safe and sound! :) We sat around and visited till after 11 PM. It was so good to be surrounded by family again!

More to come......

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