Monday, August 30, 2010

PA Trip- Monday

Monday morning Dan and I went for a walk. We walked down 895 to Covered Bridge Rd. A beautiful cool morning for a walk in the woods. :)

Back to Dad's. My sister Lisa made this sign for them! :)

Their back patio.... we sat here to enjoy the cool air, watch birds, squirrels and deer and to spend some quiet time in devotion. A beautiful, peaceful setting!!

Wash on the line was a common sight! Especially towels! :) With 20 people in the house, they needed to be done nearly every day! I am thankful Dad's don't only have 1 bathroom as they did when us kids were growing up!! :)

Breakfast for Brianna~

Relaxing around Grandma's table.....

Danny sat in Grandpa's chair often, watching for deer on the hill. The binoculars on the table beside him were used quite a lot! :)

Javin & Danny entertaining Brianna....she was the center of attention a lot of the time! :) What a sweet lil gal!

Wearing Uncle Javin's hat! <3

Our sister Lisa rented the Weiler's indoor pool for us Monday afternoon. All us sister's and our children were there. It was a neat place!

Climbing to the top of the slide....

Check it out!! :) I actually got up the nerve to try it and enjoyed it! :) :) There was a nice stream of water coming down the slide that helped you keep moving. What fun!

View from the other end. The smaller children loved the little slide...

Desi and Emily...

Back at Dad' up the supper dishes. Lots of help! :)

Nicole!!! ;)

My oldest brother and his wife with their grandbaby!!

The kids played "Mother May I" in the garage while Grandpa's truck was out....

Took this pic for all the antlers in Dad's garage....this is most of the deer he shot over the years (with the exception of the ones he got mounted). I couldn't quite fit all of them on the pic, but its close.

A lot of time was spent visiting on the front porch, especially in the evenings when the sun was going down!

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Molly said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time together! :-)

PS. I just saw on Facebook that you are having trouble with blogger... I had the same trouble when I started my new blog... anyway, if you go to your 'Design' page, then click on "Edit HTML", scroll down and click on where is says "Select Layout Template", then on the first 'Sample Blog' select the template called "Minima".
Then you should be able to choose backgrounds from where ver you want!
I hope that helps!!