Saturday, August 7, 2010

~Church Cleaning~

So this week and next is our turn to clean church. Usually the kids and I do it since Dan is busy with school work in the evenings. Turns out the class he is taking right now is an easier one and he can finish up his assignments pretty early in the week. So when I mentioned that the kids and I were going to clean church last night, he volunteered to come along!! :) :) :)

The sky as we traveled to church....big thunder head forming. I love the storms this time of year. It seems almost every day one pops up real quick. I don't mind the booming thunder and heavy rain when I know the storm isn't likely to be severe!!
Brings back memories of living at home. Dad would always go sit on the porch every time a storm came through. I loved smelling the rain as it fell on the thirsty soil! Sometimes you could smell it before it even showed up!! :)

Dan sweeping the carport~

Our hardworking kids!! They did a lot of vacuuming, toilet scrubbing and dusting!

And what is up with all the spiders?? :P We killed a couple big ones and then of course I had to dream about them last night. Seemed they were everywhere!! Ugh!! *shiver*

The beautiful sky as we were ready to leave!

And next week we do it again!! :)

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