Monday, September 20, 2010

Chaplain's Conference

Last Tuesday through Thursday was the Chaplain's Conference hosted by the Florida DOC.

All state Chaplain's were paid to go and the kids and I were invited to go along with Dan and share a villa with Doug & Marilyn Gingrich for free! :) This was our home for 3 days....the double sliding door on the bottom left was our bedroom, we entered the villa to the right of that in the little inset area.

Edgewater Beach Resort is a huge and beautifully landscaped resort! It is also advertised as a Golf Resort and has a golf course woven throughout the grounds.

This was our kitchen. I took food along for all but one of our meals. Dan ate lunch each day with other chaplain's.

The living area....

We did school Tues. and Wed. mornings before we hit the pools!! :)

This pool was right out our back door and got used a few times....

But the neatest pool was across the road at the beach front resort....the Lagoon pool!! The last time we were here (3 years ago) it was too cold to swim and we only admired this pool. This time we got to experience it!!

A view from the pool deck out to the Gulf....

Back to the pool.....there were quite a few water falls and islands and lots of little coves.


The beach at dusk....

Enjoying the hot tub....yeh, it even felt good on a warm night! :)

The water was choppy that night, making it sound beautiful as the waves crashed on the shore!! :)

We saw a flock of pelicans fly overhead. I didn't realize they fly in a V as well!!

Wednesday we spent the day with Marilyn and her grandson Cristian. We had fun blowing bubbles!

And chasing them....

And then spent more time swimming and went for a walk on the beach!


Wed. night we went to Pier Park and ate supper at Red Robin. It was a first for us and we had a great experience!!

Danny with his Freckled Lemonade :)

Dan and I got Guacamole Bacon Burgers!!! Talk about mouthwatering!! Mmmmm!! And they have endless drinks and fries!! :)

Yeh, they were that big!! :) You about had to bury your chin just to get 'em in!! :) :)

Thursday morning while Dan went to his last sessions, the kids and I packed up our stuff and helped Marilyn with Cristian while she packed. Then we picked Dan up at the conference center and loaded up all the sound equipment he took along from the prison.
Got home and unpacked and still had time in our day to relax!

Friday morning I was looking back at my pictures on Xanga from when we were at Edgewater 3 years ago and saw something about being Host family....all of a sudden it hit me....we were supposed to be host family at church on Sunday!! So I spent the day in high and making food! :)
We had a church full of visitors on Sunday, but they ALL had lunch plans. Most of them were there because of a family wedding in the area. So we enjoyed having lunch and visiting with the Lewis Family

Now it's back to a full, normal week of school. :)


RibOfDave said...

How I long to see the ocean again! There is something about sitting on a beach, seeing the expanse of water, hearing the lapping of the waves..... I am jealous! =) So glad you had a good time. Pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Dan trying to eat that burger!
PS - I met your sister at the ladies seminar!!