Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Of This and That.....Blogger Blunderings??

Life has been a blur the last month or two. I have so many idea's of things to blog many things happening in our many area's I am working on. BUT, every time I sit down to blog, my mind goes blank!! :( I used to keep after my Xanga so diligently....then facebook came along and I started slacking off. THEN I thought Blogger was kind of cool. Just liked the whole layout better (except for putting pics on)So I am trying to decide if I should do all my posting on blogger and just link it to Xanga and facebook? Hmmmm...... Maybe I need to get off facebook?? NAH!! :D

My guys....watching a Nascar race online....

I just went to a coupon-ing workshop on Saturday and am excited about the possibility of saving money on our groceries....BUT there are so many blogs, websites, etc. that I could spend hours figuring deals out! I'd love it if you would leave a comment and tell me what your top one or two coupon-ing blogs/websites are!! :)

Tamara reading a library book....probably one of the Narnia ones! :)

TODAY it is 5 years since we moved to FL. I was going to post some pics of the kids from then, but they are all on my old computer which we can't get started. Someday soon I need to take it to the computer repair shop and see if they can find and fix the problem....all I really want are my PICTURES!!!! :O
Anyway, it's been a wonderful 5 years. I did think though, that after 2 years we'd be moving back to PA since we agreed to a 2 year term as Missionary Chaplain. BUT God did not call us back and here we are!! :)

I started back on my low-carb diet again and lost 7 lbs. since Monday! :) :) :) With having PCOS, low carbs is supposed to become a way of life for me. I'm not sure how that will happen. It is quite challenging!!
I am very excited that my sister Joanne and her family are coming to visit the middle of August. They haven't been down here to FL since we moved, so it will be fun to introduce them to this part of the south! :) Then the next weekend we are planning to head up to PA!! :) We haven't been up their since April '09, so I am READY!! :) My whole family is going to be that means about 20 of us staying at Mom and Dad's house....should be a party! And of course the rest of the local family will come by as often as possible!! :) Our family now totals 57...including Gina's soon to be born son! :) Or should I say 58 including the child that Tina is carrying!? :) So it will be a crowd....a crowd of fun!! :)

I could go on and on with many subjects (some heart issues, fun, fun), but I think I will keep it short tonight. Maybe I will just forget the things in the past that I wanted to blog about and start fresh with whatever comes to mind this week....or the weeks to come! Maybe I just need to shut my bedroom door and ask for peace and quiet when I am ready to blog, so my thoughts can flow freely without interruption?

Cheap entertainment....fireworks 75% off! :) Actually these were colored smoke bombs!

Our evil dog looks on.... :D
He actually would go after these fire fizzling balls after they were lit and he got one in his mouth. I think he learned his lesson! But he still thought he needed to pounce near them! :)

Happy last week of July 2010 to you!! :)

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