Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a quick photo update before I head to bed...should be there already! :) Can't believe it's been almost 20 days since my last update!?? :O Time is flying!

Friday, Feb. 19, we had our secret sister's supper at church. It's the end of the year, when we find out who's who! :) Carol Yoder and I were in charge this year and we had a spring theme. We needed that after a cold winter! :)
Took this photo before we were completely done setting up, then forgot to take one later! :P Blah!

Tamara was getting the cupcakes ready for icing....

Carol added a dollop and spread it around.....

Then Allison added cute daisies! :) She made it look so easy!

The ladies who attended...

Saturday was the kids final Upward Games. Tamara cheered from 10-11, then we had an hour break till Danny's game started, so we bought lunch at Burger King and enjoyed the 60 degree day at the Depot Park! :)

Dan fitting in studies wherever he could! :)

Saturday evening we had a Bridal Shower for Ruth Ann Yoder, soon to be Powell! :) Her family had it decorated so nice!

The sweet Bride-To-Be....looking forward to March 20! :)

Barrett Cloud had a ball playing with all that wrapping paper! :)

Sunday night was the Upward Award night. Danny (center) sitting with his teammates, to the right and our neighbor, Camden (yawning) :) to his left.
Tamara with her friend Kaylee.

Afterwords, we went to the Smith's for a late supper.
Danny, Hannah Grace and Tamara....the three Upward participants from our families.

Siblings~ :)
Please keep praying for me and my heart issue. It is scary at times and the next time I can rest in knowing that God is in control. Looking forward to getting tests done next week, that will hopefully give some answers!
Good night all~

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