Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Black Light Mini Golf

Last night Dan & I did something we have never done before....we played black light mini golf! :) The children played here with Sam and Katrina when they were down over Thanksgiving and they really wanted Dan & I to go sometime! (and of course take them along!!) :)

Well, Monday's you can play most anything at Kindell Lanes for $1 per person! Bowling, Maze, Rock Wall, Mini Golf, etc. So we promised the children we would take them some Monday night. This wasn't the best week, but we already had to put it off once and Dan works 2 Monday nights out of the month, so we knew it would be awhile till we could go again.

So we get there and I went to pay for us, and she said my total was $24! :O So I asked her about the Monday deal and *ding, ding, ding* someone doesn't pay too close attention to detail....that deal was only till 5 PM and it was almost 6:30! :P I didn't have that much $$ on me, so I said I'll have to go out and get the extra $4~ Well, the lady was so kind and said she is going to let us in for $1 each since we thought that's how much it was. :) What a kind lady!! :)

We had so much fun!! We were the only one's out there, so we took our time! :)

Since I needed the flash, you can't really tell how cool it looked in there....but I took one of Tamara without a flash to give you an idea what it looked like in there....
The children knew from last time that the lighter clothes you wear, the more you "glow". :)

Looks like Dan is trying to capture the dolphin....

My favorite peeps!!

Ughhh!! ;) Leave it to a boy!! :)

Watch out for the Eel!!

Tamara got 2 Hole-in-Ones....and right in a row!!

I think we need some help here!!

I wonder how many other people kissed this dolphin....ewwww!!

I am so blessed with these two!! :) :) :)

We will definitely go back sometime...but earlier in the day! LOL!! :P That was a lot of fun!

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christy said...

I love how you guys do so many fun things together!