Monday, December 21, 2009

Last evening the children from church put on a play, "The Visit of Jesus"-the story of Conrad the Cobbler. A big thanks to Carol Yoder for arranging the play, and to Ruth Drawbond and her kids for all their help! This was the first time since we moved down here that they did anything like this and the kids absolutely loved it!!

Conrad the Cobbler (Jake Weaver)

Helping the little boy (Jay Yoder) who had no shoes....

The poor old lady (Carmen Miller) with a load of sticks on her back.

After the story, the did the birth of Jesus as well.

Here come Mary (Maria Weaver) and Joseph (Luke Weaver) on the donkey (Ben Yoder).

Mary & Joseph arrived at an Inn to find a place for Mary to have her baby....the Innkeeper (Danny) didn't seem to promising...but then he led them to the stable out back~


The shepherds and their sheep came up front (it was too dark, I couldn't get a good pic, plus they all had their backs to me) The angel (Tamara) appeared to them to tell them a baby had been born....

Then more angels joined her :) (Ayla Yoder, Robin Redmond, Tamara and Carmen Miller)

Mary & Joseph with baby Jesus

One of the cute little sheep (Ian Miller)!! :D

Stephen Redmond and Ian Miller

The whole cast....reciting Luke 2
(I think one sheep is hiding in the well as the donkey :) and I don't see Angel Robin!!)

Thanks again to Carol for taking the time to work with the children, design the props and put on this play! You ALL did a great job!! :)

We also had the privilege of hearing Mike N Jo Martin share about Haiti. They are home for a few weeks.
That was all followed by a yummy Christmas snack time and fellowship! :)

We are getting ready to head to SC for a few days this week to spend Christmas with Dan's family. Looking forward to it! Hope you all have a blessed Christmas week!! Remember to celebrate the One who is the Reason for this season!! Happy Birthday Jesus!! :) :) :) We love you!

~Merry Christmas All~


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing pictures of the play. We sure chuckled over the donkey!!

Anonymous said...

I remember the story of Conrad. It's one of my favorites. The play looks like so much fun. Miriam - Mcbery