Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Christian

Last week our church had a week of revival meetings. Todd Neushwander from IN was the evangelist. He works in the office of Gospel Echoes. His family was not able to come along this time.
He had many challenging sermons. I had decided not to go on Thursday night, because you know how BUSY church every night makes you!! :) Well, he had a children's story every night and Thursday night they were going to find out the conclusion of the story, and I just couldnt' make them miss it (plus, I really was feeling guilty for staying home with no good reason) so we went. I think out of all the nights, I needed that sermon the most! :) Isn't that how God works?
Friday night he spoke about the rapture of the Church and he talked a little to the children, too, so they understood not to be scared, but also encouraging them that they need to respond to God's call when they feel it.
When he gave the invitation, Daniel responded! :) We were so happy for him. Dan got to pray with him and help him ask Jesus into his heart. Danny really enjoys reading his Bible and asking questions about what he reads, so I wasn't really suprised. What was even more special is that 2 nights before, his friend Luke, unknown to Daniel, had also accepted Jesus. It was neat to watch their interaction after church when Luke excitedly told him that he is looking forward to the fact that they can be baptized together!! :)
Pray for us as we enter a new phase of our children's lives....that we can be a godly example in word and in actions!!

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