Thursday, October 9, 2008

Losing it....

....but it's all good!! :)

Before: (12-07)
Before: (12-07)

After: (10-08)

Just thought I'd update on my weight loss journey. I have currently lost 30 pounds and am aiming for 35 by next Thursday. :) It was a realistic goal, but I have cheated too much over the weekend, so now I am behind, but I am determined to keep at it. I don't know if you can see the difference, but I sure feel it. :)


Fonda said...

hey, way to go! i've been on a diet (wink, wink), but i hear enough about them to know that they take some will power! keep it up!

btw, what's gonna happen to your xanga site now?

Anonymous said...

opps, i forgot to proof read my comment.. i ment 2 say that i've "never" been on a diet... sorry..

bluegrasslvr83 said...

Wow! I can see a difference! You look great! :)

TanyaBeth S said...

Wow,Twila! Mom and I can sure tell a difference!**Cheers!!** ;-)
Totally different note...Are ya'll going to Amanda's wedding this Saturday? Just curius...:-)

Tanya said...

RYC: oops! My bad... Sonya said that Amanda's wedding was on Saturday, and I thought she meant the next Saturday when instead she meant the Saturday before. :-P