Friday, October 31, 2008

The kids and I learned to crochet this week. :) Two ladies from our community came to teach anyone interested in our homeschool group. We had a bunch of people. Even the boys were willing to try! Danny got the hang of it pretty quickly and has spent awhile every day since then making lots of chain stitches and then turning them into bracelets or necklaces for his Mom and sister! ;)
Miss Beulah showing the kids how to get started.

We've been having some beautiful fall days and that draws the kids outdoors. They have so much fun "pretending". Caught them for a few pics one day as they were dressed up in the hats :)

Trying out a new photo editing program....

This morning Dan went to a new employee training!!! :) Yup, he getting re-hired! There is no guarantee that it will last, but we'll take what we get. They warned him that the position could be shut down again in a couple months, but God knows and will see us through! Keep praying for Dan as he goes into the prison everyday and teaches, mentors and helps these guys with heart issues! He truly loves his work and is excited about things that are happening in the guys hearts!

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